Assuming the Mind of Christ

There is a line in A Course in Miracles that leaped out at me the first time I read it. Jesus is talking about wading through the clouds that obscure the Kingdom of Heaven and he says that, if we want, we can imagine ourselves actually holding his hand while we walk forward. It is, he assures us, “no idle fantasy.”

There is a fascinating tension in the Course when it comes the Mind of Christ. On the one hand, it is as if the historical Jesus is right there, literally capable of physically making contact with us. Gary Renard, in The Disappearance of the Universe, talks at one point of feeling an actual hand on his shoulder in reassurance.

On the other hand, the metaphysics of ACIM often imply that Jesus is not a man in any way but simply one part of the Mind that we all share with God. He’s as much an illusion as that fire hydrant I can see out the window.

Myself, I bounce back and forth between the two extremes. When I write about prayer, I often note that I sometimes have to keep it very simple, almost to the point of being childlike. I talk to Jesus as one would talk to an older brother across the room. Those are not ineffective prayers for me. Not at all.

Yet there are also times when I perceive the world not as a melange of objects and identities but as one shimmering thing – it is, to paraphrase Saint Paul, like putting on Mind of Christ. There is a sense of one Christ mind of which we are all a part.

And those are not ineffective moments or prayers either.

I think that we have to assume that Jesus is available in whatever form and in whatever way we’ll have him. He’s not picky – he’ll get us any way he can. If we’re looking for flesh and blood (like some of the apostles were in the upper room) then okay. He’ll deliver. If we’re ready to do a more cosmic Christ consciousness, then that’s what we’ll get.

But all of it – all of it – is still just an illusion. So  long as our perception is of Jesus out there somewhere – a crucified criminal bent on our salvation, a loving older brother symbolizing some post-modern enlightenment ideal – then we are still in the separation. It might not feel like it. It might not look like it, but it’s true. Christ mind is not separate from us. It’s not something to which we aspire, or a condition which we learn. It is us. It is all of us. It always was.

Sorting through these kinds of details can be stressful. They certainly lend one to assuming that there are levels of students – the good ones, the smart ones, the diligent ones. Whatever. Don’t get caught up in that. Don’t worry about it. Encounter Jesus – adopt the Mind of Christ – in any way that works for you. Each shared moment in that space will deliver light years down the road toward awakening. Don’t judge it. Give it to Jesus – however you see him – and let him sweat the details. That’s what he’s there for. That’s what he’s good at.

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  • SALLY NAVE July 25, 2012, 9:06 pm

    Just now I began reading the Course and have now ended up here at ‘Assuming the Mind of Christ’. I began my ACIM study 2 yrs ago and as I’ve read along some of the links here, I see that I’ve returned to 65 yrs. ago, in some ways, to my High School conversion to church christianity. The kind with a altar at the front where when we felt guilty to the point of tears, we would walk down the isle and kneel to ask Jeuse to please forgive us.
    While here reading these really open and loving conversational teachings, I have been brought more memories that I am returning to.
    Yes, in these past 2 yrs my head has been ‘spinning’ from time to time due to what looked to me like ‘double messages’ : I can hold Jesus’ hand and he is only in my Mind as God/Holy Spirit.
    And this was only the beginning of my experience of “upside down” thinking, like being in Quick Sand; and just recently feeling like ‘Someone’ is pulling me out, with help of his sisters and brothers.

    So to get to 2 points, 1) I have discussed with Jesus that I feel better talking to him on all my human matters because of the things he told us of himself and our relationship with him. During these days of discussion I seemed to sense him answereing my question “How can I tell when thoughts are from you or Holy Spirit or the ego thought system?” and the answer seemed to be ” Your are all communicated with your individual needs in mind and the Holy Spirit will answer you in soft, verbal Teaching style and I will communicate with you as more natural (human) communication.” As these words came to me I felt relief, and warm happy Peace, (It was a Answer that I needed for 2 yrs. and had not then thought to Ask…..when the Course tells us to ASK many times.) SO what I have returned to is easily, without confusion, speaking directly to Jesus, as I did yet differently, in High School 🙂
    2) About Miracles, the 2 that were mentioned (32/45?) revealed them selves to me as Quantum Physics: since we and everythng else are considered on earth, as ONLY clusters of atoms, molecules, electrons, and neutrons vibrating in mostly empty space, then I imagine that any miracle that Jesus gives me to do or that happens within me outward, and depending on whether it is a warm mutual hug or warm thoughs of Love, WILL HAPPEN, and I will share the hug experience for sure, and about the Invisible Miracle, I FEEL JOY WITHIN at the thought that my thought or whatever, IS VIBRATING IN SPACE ON IT’S WAY TO SOME WORLD WIDE UNKNOWN sisters and brothers that I pray for each morning.
    I am filled with Gratitude now, for this series of readings that is such a Refreshing break in my day,
    With warm Hugs to you Sean and your family & your readers,

    • Sean Reagan July 26, 2012, 10:41 am

      Hi Sally,

      Thanks for reading – and for the reminder about asking. I forget that all the time but you are right – the gifts are many and always at hand but we have to ask for them. It is like a symbol of our willingness to be open and to receive. I needed to hear that today.

      Blessings to you and yours too!


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