God Can Be Known Now

God is there – discoverable, awaiting – when I give attention. That is because attention begets an intelligent awareness, a lively and energetic awareness that is itself in the truest sense, God.

It is very simple to understand this – to say it – but very hard to bring into application, because of our conditioning. We aren’t bad people, we are well-trained people, and we trained ourselves against our most sacred interest. We have thought in terms of separation – subject/object, witness/witnessed, self/God – for so long it is hard to think any other way.

One doesn’t solve the ego; one merely sees it for what it is, and that seeing is the answer.

But that other way is salvation, and so we have to give ourselves to it.

Attention is a choice. It is a decision to direct one’s attention this or that way. To a relationship, to a place, to an idea. Awareness arises in attention’s stead, naturally encompassing observer and observed. Awareness is the one thing that ends the many things and thus ultimately directs us away from even the dream of a singular self in need of saving. When we don’t resist this, but rather melt into it through allowance and through willingness, we know God.

Separation is merely our insistence – mostly unconscious now – that we are separated observers of life, and that life acts upon us, and that we are bound to reaction. This paradigm allows for no relationship but those premised on attack and defense, both of which reinforce separateness. It is a grim and hopeless circularity.

That is all ego is – a thought system that reinforces itself, that remakes itelf moment by moment, through its insistence on separation.

Who gives attention to this system undoes it, because attention – and the awareness that attention naturally promotes – is its undoing. One doesn’t solve the ego; one merely sees it for what it is, and that seeing is the answer.

No more than that, but also no less. It is enough.

This is why A Course in Miracles teaches us that we are too “tolerant of mind wandering” (T-2.VI.4:6), that the secret to salvation is that we are making and sustaining separation ourselves (T-27.VIII.10:1) and that we can choose another – a better – way (T-31.VIII.1:5).

Salvation is a secret you have kept but from yourself. The universe proclaims it so. Yet to its witnesses you pay no heed at all. For they attest the thing you do not want to know. They seem to keep it secret from you. Yet you need but learn you chose but not to listen, not to see (T-27.VIII.12:4-9).

Thus, inattention hides salvation, renders it impuissant; giving attention restores it to our awareness.

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