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Personal Spiritual Growth

We live in an age when self-help abounds. Maybe it always did. Somebody is always reminding us that we aren’t perfect, aren’t whole, but that we can be. We fall into the role of followers – traipsing after this guru or that one. It’s an industry, a lucrative one.

And this notion of “personal spiritual growth” flows right into it. That first word – personal – is the key. It’s all about me. Where am I? Where am I relative to where I was five minutes ago? Yesterday? Last week? Last year? Last decade?

We measure ourselves against the past in order to ensure some dynamic future where everything will be just fine and dandy, where we’ll finally meet God and know Peace.

Not so much.

Emily Dickinson said a long time ago that forever is composed of nows – eternity is this moment. Enter the lucid, liquid present and the past will disappear. There is no future. Nothing is coming, nothing passed, there is only what is. Complicated metaphysical stuff and easy to call B.S. but still. All the teachers, the ascended masters, saw it. They told us about it. Why can’t we trust them?

What are we trying to accomplish but what has already been accomplished? It’s done. We are perfect children of God, born to create and extend Love precisely as the Divine energy does. If we can remember that – if we can remove the blocks that impede this awareness – then we would see, right?

So get rid of this idea that you have to evolve spiritually. Banish notions of spiritual growth from your mind. There’s nothing to grow. What is already perfect cannot evolve. What is already one cannot join with itself down the road.

How do we come to that awareness? Pay attention. When we are falling for the lines of gurus, ask what it is we want? What do we think we are getting? What is it we think they have that we don’t? I’m not saying ignore everyone. I’m saying don’t forget to look inside, too.

And what are they asking you for? Be very attentive to this. Are they asking your for money? Buy this book, subscribe to this channel and I’ll let you in on the secret. If you knew the secret to salvation, would you sell it? If you could, would it really be the Truth? What did Jesus do? What did Buddha do? What did Emily Dickinson do?

They just testified. They witnessed with their lives, their words. And they changed the course of human existence. They made being human something new, something dynamic.

You are there. You have it. Right now you can throw your arms up in the air shout Victory. The game is over. There were no sides. Everybody wins, all the time. That’s it.

The purpose of the world, the purpose of your life, is to come to this awareness. And you don’t need anything you don’t already have. You have the means right now. If you want to, you can wake up. Bring all your discernment, all your attention to the moment. See it for what it is. Be determined and let nothing dissuade you. When you drift, when you fall into longing and desire, come back. No big thing.

There is a stillness in which we are welcome and in which – gentler than the softest of rains – we are made aware of our union with God. We see that there is no death, no hate, no greed. We see the illusions, but brighter and more whole, we see the Truth. What a moment! And it is waiting for us – you – right here, right now. Go to it! You will never wonder about your spiritual growth again.


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