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A Shorter Course in Miracles

This work is offered free of charge
and is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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This is A Shorter Course in Miracles. It may or may not be helpful to you.

The material consists of thirteen principles and two lessons which are repeated at intervals. It is not intended to replace any other version. They all have their place.

The text should be read as often as is helpful. The lessons should be applied alternately throughout each day as is helpful. The Manual for Teachers affirms key principles.



Help others.


Helping others
helps you.


This is the law of love:
the love you share
is the love
you are given.


It is the only law
you need to obey.


It cannot actually be disobeyed,
because it is the law
of your being,
but it is possible to be confused.


Confusion abates
when you accept
that God is love.


When you help others
you bring God to them
in the form of love.


In bringing God to them in the form of love
you remember that you are not separate
from either God or love.


The love you give
is the love you are given.
Giving it to others is how
it is given to you.
It is how you remember
what you are.


Nothing is
that isn’t love.
Love cannot be abandoned
or attacked,
or destroyed.


Love is impeccable forever.
It is what you are.
You are impeccable forever,
incapable of ruin,
or death.


This is the peace of God,
which you have forgotten
but can remember.


If you want to remember
that the love of God
is what you are,
help others.



Help others. Let others help you.


Love others. Let others love you.



You teach love
by loving.


You are taught love
by loving.


If you forget what love is,
others will remind you.


If they forget what love is,
remind them.


Apparent failures to love
are a form of love
reminding itself it is love.
In this sense,
confusion and error
are impossible.


Trust yourself. Trust others.


Ask for help. Help others.