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John Denver’s influence in my life – inclining towards peace, forgiveness, clarity, kindness, love – is hard to overestimate. In many ways, the effect of his music and message was as profound as that of the Catholic church when I was growing up. His music was bright and loving and joyful and we experienced it that way in our home. And even if I was unsure about some of the nuances – even if I wasn’t walking around making grand theological statements about John Denver songs – I knew that he represented a spirituality I both needed and wanted.

In some circles of A Course in Miracles, John Denver sometimes seems to be approaching sainthood. I don’t know how he’d feel about that. Maybe it doesn’t matter. I never saw him – not back when he was alive and creating music and not now that he’s gone – as someone who was pursuing some otherworldly ideal. I don’t know that he wanted to be glorified for his personal gifts – I think he wanted to use them to bring people closer to the joy and peace that he himself experienced and knew was possible. I think he wanted to be a teacher in the truest sense of the world, one who leads and then stands aside when the student is ready to walk alone.

The song I’ve been humming lately has been “Annie’s Song.”

Annie Denver seems to have been the muse for some of Denver’s best work. I recognize that his personal life was not always roses and boxes of chocolates – you get hints of that in this memorial speech given by Annie Denver (and on the same page you can read Bryant Gumbel’s interview with her; she comes off very centered and calm.)

Denver’s issues are fine with me. Nobody’s perfect and it’s facing that imperfection and insisting on grace and beauty despite them that brings us close to the love that is God. This is the essence of important songs like “Rocky Mountain High.” My guess in that Annie Denver today would accept that as well and encourage people simply to focus on the songs – on the message, if you will – and work to integrate it into our lives. As Tara Singh might say, bring it into application. Or as John Denver said “Reach for the future and hope for tomorrow and all that you can be.”

Anyway, “Annie’s Song” has always been special to me because it links our love of a person – the special relationship in ACIM lingo – to the beauty and majesty of the natural world. “You fill up my senses . . . ” I know a lot of writers who dismiss Denver  as trite, who consider him something akin to a cheap Hallmark card, but that overlooks way too much of his work. That phrase, that idea of a person filling our senses . . . it’s perfect and powerful. If you haven’t been there, haven’t felt that, then don’t stop searching until you do. In the same way that a sunset or a shooting star or a mountain standing solemn and tall in the moonlight can literally drop us to our knees, so can love. So can that special someone.

Every time I talk to my mother about John Denver, we always return to the notion that he left too soon. What a tragedy when he could have left us more work, more songs. I feel that. I imagine the people who are shared his life in a more intimate way feel that to a degree that I can only imagine. But at the same time, we have to be thankful for them – for his children, for his partners like Annie Denver – because they served as his muse. They were the special relationships through which Denver saw and understood our inner Christ. They were the vehicles that the Spirit flowed through, coming to fruition in his creative gift. I feel that love and happiness when he sings, and I am never not grateful for it.

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  1. Annie, i have been wanting to write for years. I love Johns music, especally your song. Mt dream would be to talk to you and scratch the surface of the person that made John sing the song. I met the love of my life 8 years ago, finally finding a love that matched so many love songs. We are not together anymore but my love goes on. Thanks for reading this, I guess i am reaching out to hear what the person of Annies song would say about her life with John. Thank you, Thomas Stark

  2. Hi Annie,
    I’m not sure if this get’s to you, but if it does I want to tell
    you that I have always been a great fan of his, and this evening I am watching John Denver Remembered and I find him more moving than ever before such that I am filled with “The Spirit”. I wonder if you have been “in touch” with him and how you are doing.
    Merry Christmas,

  3. I love John’s music, it’s all i listen to in my car. I love the way he phrases his feelings and thoughts and though I was priveleged to meet him once, I was unable to express my deep love for his song. He will always be the best of the best to me.

  4. Thank you Sean for writing this about this dear dear soul. I just read my heart. You captured every thought, emotion, and feeling I have ever had about sweet John. John was a gift to the world and to my life. I am revisiting him and his music again after a long abscense though during that abscense I still kept him and his message close. I never had the opportunity to meet him and those of you who have are so very fortunate. My heart aches that he is gone. But his spirit will live on through his beautiful words and the sound of his angelic voice. I love you John.

    1. Hi Connie,

      Thank you for your kind words. John Denver was a powerful influence in my life, and remains so even after his death. I feel very grateful that my parents listened to him when I was younger. It’s funny – I don’t think they planned for that to be a profound spiritual influence and yet it was. The Spirit moves in mysterious ways.

      Thank you again –


  5. John’s music moves through my being and my own life. I wished I could have met him to thank him and touch his hand.

    1. Thank you for reading, Gina. My parents went to several John Denver concerts and found them so moving. I share you sense that his music has qualities that more spiritual than anything else. I sometimes feel as if he was even more influential than a lot of the Catholic teachings I was getting as a kid! He had a real gift for making clear how loving and present God was and I believe he made a real effort to extend that to as many people as possible. I feel close to him even though he is gone in the physical sense. I suspect he would tell us that the songs were the best part of him anyway!

      Thank you again for reading and writing –


  6. Hello – I found John’s music from a neighbor who presented me an 8Track recording of Rocky Mt. High. I had heard “Country Roads” on the automobile radio, during those years radio reception was almost unheard of in the Adirondack Mts. of NY. I had no idea who was singing, until this kind person enlightened me. I introduced John’s music to my late husband. We then started to purchase many of the recordings – 8 Track, LP’s, cassettes and finally CD’s. Never had the opportunity of seeing any concerts except those on the television. Our 4 “children” grew up listening to John and Judy Collins. When they left home, they copied some for themselves. I miss seeing John although rarely I will catch some programming – usually on PBS!!! Always felt terrible when his marriage to Annie was dissolved – in my heart I am a pure romantic and believe that John still loved Annie and always would. Curt my husband of 50 yrs passed away on Aug 30 and enjoyed John’s music until his passing. Annie has shown such a wonderful gracious attitude about her life with John. Take care Annie. Thank you for the wonderful article. Nancy B Castner

  7. I was one of John’s first fans! I like to say I discovered him. I went to a concert at the Troubador in LA on a horribly rainy night while John was replacing Chad Mitchell in the Mitchell Trio. The trio with John played the first show, but the audience was very sparse-16 people at most. When the second show was scheduled, John was the only member of the trio that came out to perform. He was Amazing and I was a forever fan! I went to several of his concerts, took EST training because of him and I still mourn the loss of him and his voice. Back Home Again is the song I cry for every time I hear it. John’s voice is haunting and I miss him still as much as ever. I don’t know if I will ever get over his death-it was much too soon and he was much too young. I wish I could tell Annie directly how much John and his music changed my life. There will never be another John Denver!

    1. Hey Marty – thanks for reading and for writing. You are lucky that you were able to have that experience! Back Home Again is one of my favorite songs – I always associate it with being a little kid and looking at the sky and seeing thunderheads in the distance. Made me think of the line “there’s a storm across the valley.” He was – and remains – a blessing. Thanks again!

  8. i am so taken by john denver. he was my salvation when i was in college and still is to this day. i have his cd constantly in my player at work. when the world lost him, i cried for several days. i miss the man terribly.

    1. Hi Debbie,

      Yes, I hear you. It does seem like a terrible loss – and it is. But he really left an incredible treasure trove of music – and I think the best part of him was always in the songs he wrote and sang. It was his gift. And not to sound cliche, but it is still giving and being given. I always wish I had been able to see him in a concert. But I stay grateful for what I have – his music. Thank you for reading and writing!

  9. Sean, I have read your words over and over again, and I thank you for them. You have embodied so much of how I feel about John. I have loved John and his music since I was very young and feel so fortunate to have lived my childhood and the formative years of my adulthood with him as an influence. I too, was devastated for days when he was taken from us, and can only imagine the impact his death had on those who knew him if it impacted me the way it did. To this day, I have a running catalog of his music in my mind that brings to the forefront the perfect song for every moment in my life. His body may be gone from the Earth, but his spirit and the love that John embodied lives on through all of us who love and appreciate his music and everything he stood for. “Though the singer is silent, there is still the truth of the song.”

    1. Hi Jenni,

      Thank you so much for writing – that is a beautiful quote you reference. I can’t agree with it more. It is hard sometimes to balance the gratitude for his music with the death of his body – the latter seems so tragic and wasteful – yet that seems to be what we are called to do. More and more I see him in terms of a teacher.

      Thanks again for reaching out – best wishes,


  10. Hi Sean,
    This brought tears to my eyes because I have felt exactly this way about John since forever. He was truly a gift from God. He had a mission in life for us. He worked so hard for us, to bring us together, to teach us, to help us love, to open our eyes. Now he is a beautiful spirit and still works and moves within us.

    1. Hi Claudia,

      Thank you so much for writing! I am always grateful to know that others share that sense of John Denver. And I agree with you wholeheartedly – he works and moves within us. That seems so important to remember – that we are being called to the same goals of love and kindness and gentleness.

      Thank you again –


  11. Dearest Annie, MaryJane and I will be at John’s commemorative plaque in Pacific Grove today, at sunset, to honor the memory of this precious soul. We will lay flowers and play some of his songs: “Annie’s Song” of course, is our favorite. God Bless and may you trust the Lord always.

    Blessings to you, Zachary, Anna Kate, and Jesse Belle, Claudia

  12. Hi, I so enjoyed your article. It is so easy to feel like John Denver left us too soon, as he was a beautiful gift to our world. We will always wonder, what more did he have to share with us? I do believe though, that he believed in “sweet surrender” and that life is as it should be. I wish that he could have lived longer, to share with his fans, and be there to watch his beloved children grow, and be parents themselves, but he did believe in destiny of sorts where life is what it is. I feel his spirit strong still, when I listen to his music, or when I am enjoying the world around me. He definitely lives on.

    1. Thanks, Jan. You are on to something I think when you talk about “sweet surrender” and accepting life as it is. Those are spiritual principles and I think that John Denver understood them. I often listen to his song “Looking for Space and reflect on these lyrics: “On the road of experience, join in the living day/if there’s an answer, it’s just that it’s just that way.”

  13. Sean,

    Thanks for the wonderful article. I remember hearing John’s music as a toddler. My Mother was a fan. A few years ago I saw a PBS special about his life and heard some of the music. I had never really “heard” it before and realized how beautiful it was. I got a CD and really loved Annie’s Song. My fiancée loved it too.

    Just by happenstance I saw his book in the library a few years back. I read it and found it very interesting. I realized that I liked John’s music and that I was a fan of both John and Annie. The book had piqued my interest in both of them. So I read some online articles about John, Annie and Cassandra. I guess I am a real romantic. I felt really bad for John and Annie. It seems that they loved one another so much, but all the pressure and traveling took it’s toll on their marriage. I found it so very ironic that an artist like John, who gave the world so many beautiful love songs, suffered so much dissapintment in his closest relationships. I wish John and Annie could have had another chance together after His second divorce. I admire Annie for being authentic. To my knowledge she has never made negative comments about her life with John. And it’s very hard to do that in the midst of divorce. Even when things were very hard for her she showed grace and virtue. Maybe this is why he wrote so many songs about her. You have it right, Sean. She was his true muse.

    1. Hi Lynn,

      Thank you for reading and writing. I’m on the same page as you are when it comes to being surprised that John’s life wasn’t picture-perfect. But then it makes sense in a way. He was human like you and I, blessed with a voice and a vision that he shared. And he had good days and bad days. It is like he says on “Looking for Space:” “Sometimes I fly like an eagle/sometimes I’m deep in despair.” I think his lyrics and music resonate because he was human, and he wasn’t trying to pretend otherwise.
      Thanks again!

  14. Sean,
    Great story, and seems many think so. Strange how many of us have ‘come back’ to John Denver’s music. He was a big influence to me in my early twenties, toward my life and art, and still is and always has been. For reasons I will not go into now (much to long of a story) I too stopped listening to his music but then again in recent years started to listen again, and again he has inspired me. Thanks again for your story.

    1. Hey Mark – thanks for the kind words. I grew up with him too and sort of caught on later in life that there was something worth checking out again. I definitely think that people who write him off as too simple or shallow are missing something important. I swung by your site, by the way – lovely paintings! I particularly liked broken fence (reminded me of one from childhood) and Orchard barn. Great work!

      Thanks again for visiting!

  15. One day when I was in junior high I came home to my mother saying “You have to listen to this song. It’s by a new singer I think you will like him. They’ve been playing it on the radio all day.”. It was “Take Me Home Country Roads”. I was in love with the voice and his message. It was everything I believed. I did see John in concert several times and lived each performance. Many, many albums, cds and dvds later I am still a huge fan. Hid songs were some of the first I learned on the guitar and piano.

    Nobodies life is perfect, esp living in the spotlight but you look to the good and pray the rest of their lives fall into place. I’m sorry for the troubles he and Annie had and hope she can or has found peace. John died way to young, there is so much more he could have shared. He is greatly missed.

    1. I am always envious of anyone who was able to see Denver perform live! It must have been a wonderful experience. And yes, I agree with you that nobody is perfect – least of all those who lives their lives in the spotlight. That has always felt like part of the point of John Denver – seeing the whole picture of the man, the ups and the downs, and choosing to focus on what was beautiful and uplifting. I am always grateful for that example. Thanks for writing Sally!

  16. Annie,

    Like everyone, I was a follower and fan of John’s.

    However, this message is a thank you for a day I will never forget. I spent a day traveling with you from Seattle to Kalispell. I didn’t know who you were until I had dinner at the restaurant you recommended. I found you to be a wonderful Lady and I saw a reflection of what John loved about you and was the heart of much of his music.

    Thank you for being so kind to me and for being who and what you are.

    Brightest Blessings,

    Curt Brasier

  17. I have been a john denver fan for many years.When I first heard his music it touched a spot in my heart.I had the pleasure in meeting john several times.Met him @ Windstar in Snowmass .Attending a retreat with Tom Crum.Also attended many of his concerts. He was a special gift to this earth,and my life has been changed for the better because of Johns music.

  18. Sean, your comparison of John Denver to Christ is on point. His pure and heart felt music I pray will live on. Our dear Lord was never received as He should have been, as was John. John gave all of himself in his music and to the plights of our many world’s issues. My heart still aches for he was taken to Heaven too soon. I pray John’s music will never die for it reaches into the heart and soul. I admire Annie so very much. What an extremely wonderful woman. My prayer is that her life and that of Zachery and Anna Kate are filled with joy and love. Thank you again, Sean, for putting into words what is in so many of our hearts about the precious life of John Denver. God bless you!

  19. It is truly wonderful to see that so many people loved John’s music as much as I did & still do. Every wear I look reminds me of John. When I look at the stars or the moon I think of John. The song Shanghi Breezes runs through my mind. This world be be a much better place if John was still among us! We lost a outstanding singer, song writer, humanitarian. What a tragic loss for our world! John is in my heart & living there. Thank you Sean for the truly wonderful web site.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Peggy. I like to tell myself that because we have his songs – and hold him close – that he remains with us in the ways that matter but still. We were blessed by him.

  20. Dear Annie,
    I read that he ( John Denver ) wrote your song ( Annie’s Song ) within 10 min, for the love he had for you poured out of him, and yes like a deep blue ocean. He was such a great sing writer, and I assure you, that your song will be then, now and in the future one of the greatest wedding songs if all time.

    Sincerely Diane

  21. Hi Sean,
    A link to your JD remarks is posted on one of the JD forums on FB. I am so glad I found it, because my husband and I were long time “fans” (not really the right word) of John for many years. Each of our four (of seven) married children included one of John’s songs for their wedding days. We are also happy Catholics, but we felt John added a dimension we missed a bit in our Catholic community. John’s minute to minute life was filled with all the joy made possible by faith and hope. The way he embraced every experience did make him a teacher to us. A teacher of how to live out the gospel in the modern world, of how to search for the important ability to surrender. Oh, I have a story I would so love to share, but it is too long for this comment. Suffice it to say John affirmed our faith. We saw Christ in John’s eyes and in John’s life. Seldom have we seen anyone as fully alive as John was….and those concerts they were most definitely an inspirational and spiritual refreshment for us. It was so hard to accept such an alive person had died. Still, even in that we saw God’s hand…John was in a very good place at that time, and his final day was just what he would have wanted. We miss the new music and we miss his example in our lives, but we thank God for the gift of John and his music in our lives.

    1. Thank you, Patricia. It is always nice to hear from other fans. Your observation of Christ in John’s eyes is lovely and perfect – that was his light. It really was. There was an openness to experience and to God in the fullest sense that was inspirational. I also appreciate you mentioning your kids like him as well. It’s funny – my parents were big fans, my wife and I listen to him all the time, and now my children are becoming fans. My daughter, who plays piano, is learning John’s songs. So the gift extends over generations!

      Thank you again for sharing –


  22. I always loved his music. I thought he was adorable,but later on in life I fell in love a dead man. His music has helped me so much this year.We need people like John,we need them now.I am very glad your children are doing well.He was a wonderful person.

    1. Thank you, Amy. John Denver was a gift, blessed with clarity and an ability to extend joy to others. He left us his music – a true blessing that keeps on giving. Thank you so much for reading & sharing.


  23. Sean,
    You wrote this article on May 17, 2011, and I am responding to it on 3/17/2014. The timeline and responses to your posting, in and of itself, speaks to the profound effect of John Denver’s body of work. I’ am grateful for you posting. The lyrics of John’s music speak to the soul and heart of humanity. I was blessed to see him perform in Boston, MA when I was in high school. He work inspired me to reflect upon what is important to me in life, and my own purpose in this world. I did eventually become a teacher, in my own way, I do my best to carry on the positive intent of his messages in my vocation. I believe that John Denver ought to receive the Presidential Freedom Award. If you look at the criteria of this word, and examine his contribution to his field and our culture, you will find that he certainly qualities. What an honor for John, Annie, and other members of his family, musicians who worked with him, as well as his closest friends.
    By the way, I came upon this article while surfing the internet and looking up Annie Denver. I too was curious about how she is doing, so much time has passed.
    Thank you Sean,

    by Sean Reagan on May 17, 2011

    1. Hi Michele,

      Thank you for your note. How wonderful to have seen him perform! My parents saw him but I was not so lucky. I would have liked to have shared space with him, even a big one with so many other people.

      My daughter has been learning “rhymes and reasons” – possibly my favorite John Denver song – on the piano. It’s very touching to listen to her and think that he now spans three generations in my family. There is so much natural joy in his lyrics and his voice – it is infectious and transformative.

      It’s funny. In some ways I feel that John Denver’s music has become more important to me in the years since his death than it was when he was alive. Happiness is an art! And we need all the guides we can get.

      Thank you again, Michele.


  24. It is a pleasure to join you beloved John Denver friends and I thank you. Sean I have spent the last 10 years, touching base with this unique child of the Father known as John DENVER, AND WE NEVER GET ENOUGH , AND THEN WE TURN A CORNER, AND SURE ENOUGH THERE IS MORE, SO MUCH MORE.

  25. Hi again, I was just reading some of the nice words by others about John, and it seems to me that time and time again, people are lifted up and comforted, or finding themselves and the world we live in, or simply john touched them and they are moved by his humanity. I could say that John was touched deeply himself and he made that journey inward, to the depth of HIS being, and I am again and again reminded of “THE JOURNEY OF A SOUL”, HIS VOICE LIKE AN ANGEL, BUT WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL THAT, HIS SOUL, SO WONDROUS, SO SWEET, SO CHILD LIKE, AND YET SO MAGNIFICENTLY SPECIAL. HIS JOURNEY INWARD BROUGHT US THE VERY BREATH OF JOHN DENVER.
    HUMAN Oh yes indeed, but seeking GRACE in every step he took, even into the DARK NIGHT OF HIS SOUL.
    WHERE WE DO GROW, in the Dark night, John was finding the temptations and the sorrow as we all do if we make that journey in, but the more he suffered, the sweater “His song.”
    He surely did have his Epiphany, listen to Wandering Soul>>>>>>>

    I will always love this truly special person, who brought us “oh such Joy.”
    Bless you John and your light is shining. you taught us how to commune with CREATION in your very humble way, and John was truly humble it radiated from him.

    1. Thank you for sharing Jeannette. This page has become a wonderful reminder to me of how important John Denver was to so many people – a truly extraordinary life and gift. I am grateful to you for adding your own eloquent thoughts and vision . . . thank you so much . . .

      ~ Sean

  26. Sean,
    My husband is a HUGE John Denver fan. He has been since he worked at a music store in college. He has taught our daughters to love John Denver music and even uses family road trips to further their knowledge of John Denver music. He’s mentioned he would love to get his hands on video of John Denver’s concert at the California Universal Amphitheater in August/September of 1974. I know the album you can buy of this live performance is titled “An Evening with John Denver.” Are you aware of anywhere online where you can purchase video of this concert? I’ve looked and can’t seem to find it, but thought another John Denver fan might be able to verify it?

    1. I guess I should of mention that I’m looking into this as a birthday present for his 40th birthday that’s coming up. Thank you.

    2. Hi Katy,

      Thank you for your note. I’m afraid I don’t have any definitive answers for you. My understanding is that the video from that concert exists but has not been made publicly available. I don’t know why. It may be that it’s not of sufficiently high quality or they didn’t get enough good footage. There were rumors once that it was coming out five years or so ago, but it didn’t. I don’t know of any resources where once could get hold of a copy. I’m sorry!

      ~ Sean

  27. I have to say that your article is one of the best I’ve ever read..I was twelve when sunshine on my shoulders came out and I am still to this day a regular listener of john Denver . I was touched by your words and I wanted to thank you for sharing them with me…it was almost like I could feel your passion.. it was nice to read something so heartfelt… gonna try and see what else you write about…

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Leslie. I am always grateful that people visit and read here – John Denver was a great influence on my life, in particular my sense that life is good and that we are loved.

      ~ Sean

      1. Sean..i came onto this site quite by accident…i have loved John Denver’s music for most of my life. The smoothness of his voice is forever remembered and so many of his songs mean so much to me. My husband was killed on 9/11 in the world trade center. He was the live of my life. At his memorial I had played several of John Denver’s song..”perhaps love” for the love I have for my husband. I also “rhyme and reason” not realizing the second verse until I heard a gasp in the church…”though the city starts to tumble and the towers fall around us”..john wrote that song so many years before the world trade center towers fell…it makes you think…what did John Denver know and feel that the rest of us didn’t…

        1. Hi Barbara,

          Thank you so much for sharing. I’m so sorry about your loss under such terrible circumstances.

          Rhymes and Reasons is one of my favorite Denver songs – it was the first song my daughter learned on the piano. And I remember J.D. saying on an album sleeve somewhere that it was one of his favorite songs as well – nobody ever asked for it, but he believed the lyrics were amongst the best he’d ever written. I have always wondered about that line – the towers falling around us. It does indeed seem prescient.

          I have always felt that John Denver was looking for love – not in the shallow sense but in a deeper sense – a love that enfolds all of us without exception. And he knew that it was going to be hard to find, hard to hold, but he kept looking and writing and singing, because he truly believed. When I listen to him now, I feel as if I am in the presence of a man who knew how bad things could be but insisted on joy anyway.

          We can all learn from teachers like that.

          Thank you again for visiting and sharing, and reminding me why I listen to John Denver.

          Wishing you all the best –


          1. Sean
            Thank you for yr reply. I too continue to listen to him. His songs are some of the most beautiful ever written. So many pull at our heartstrings. He had an amazing insight into our world and as you said wanted joy for the world. 3 beautiful people were taken from us that year. Mother Theresa..princess Diana and of course John. I had gone to his concert that year here in NJ at the PNC art center….just him and his guitar…so beautiful…yet so sad to lose him right after that…as the holidays approach again I listen to his Rocky Mountain Christmas cd…it makes me smile but also brings tears. So much of my life was finding a peacefulness in listening to him…one of his last songs that he wrote makes me cry because I miss my husband so much is the song “For you”…i would give the world to look in my husbands eyes again…he was the best of my life..he is the rest of my life.. And as far as John Denver…he deserves to be remembered forever..for hud beautiful music and his unforgettable voice!!! Thank you for starting tho sight!!!

  28. John Denver,sein Wirken und seine Musik begleiteten und begleiten mich noch immer jeden Tag!Er prägte mich als Teenager und lehrte mich durch sein Angagement ein aktives und sinnvolles Leben zu gestalten.Seine Musik:Kraft und Inspiration,Wärme und Menschlichkeit…danke John!

    1. Well, I googled it and here’s what I learned:
      Annie still lives in Aspen, CO. She has been a family therapist there for many years now. She never remarried. While her mom gphad passed away, her dad is living in Arizona. Adopted son Zak lives in Durango, CO with his wife Jenny and is a teacher, while Anna Kate lives in New Zealand with her husband Jaimie where they run a bread and breakfast. Daughter Jesse Belle (with former second wife Cassandra Delaney) is living in Australia with her mother and goes to Sydney University.

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing, Michael. Good luck with your writing and coaching. I’m grateful to briefly share this path of peace with you.


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