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Awakening Others in God

A Course in Miracles is not about us, but about a relationship between brothers and sisters intent on remembering Love. When we accept responsibility for the awakening of others – setting aside vested interest in “our” spiritual life – then we will experience both inner peace and awakening. That is because the one Mind reveals itself when we relinquish our own sense of self in favor of the shared reality inherent in God.

You are not yet awake, but you can learn how to awaken. Very simply, the Holy Spirit teaches you to awaken others (T-9.VI.5:1-2).

How many times did I read those words and mentally amend them? How many times did I see them and think, after my own disco-ball-meets-Nordic-thunderbolt awakening, I’ll get around to helping others find their own version of awakening?

I did that, of course, for the same reason we all do – it seem to be easier to resist love then it is to accept that what we are in truth is Love. So we remain scared, and rush to substitute our judgment for God’s, and up locked in a painful cycle of guilt, condemnation and attack.

The way out is to let the Holy Spirit teach us how to awaken others.

Accept your brother in this world and accept nothing else, for in him you will find your creations because he created them with you. You will never know that you are co-creator with God until you learn that our brother is co-creator with you (T-9.VI.7:8-9).

What does this look like in practice?

The Holy Spirit awakens our brothers and sisters through us: we give ourselves to be used in that way. Our surrender becomes a profound and beautiful gift.

I think it begins with giving attention to our relationships – in all their loveliness and ugliness – with our brothers and sisters. We need to learn to be honest: we need to see the ways in which we are seeing our brothers and sisters as means to an end which serves our interests.

This is hard to do because it makes us look terrible. And yet, the more we can accept that we are not doing a great job of relating to our fellow saviors, the more we can open to another way of relating – the more “teachable” we become.

So that is the second thing that we do – or that happens. We allow the Holy Spirit to act through us, because we see clearly that our own efforts are not sufficient. The Holy Spirit awakens our brothers and sisters through us: we give ourselves to be used in that way. Our surrender becomes a profound and beautiful gift.

As you see [your brothers and sisters] waken you will learn what waking means, and because you have chosen to wake them, their gratitude¬† and their appreciation of what you have given them will teach you its value. They will become witnesses to your reality, as you were created witness to God’s (T-9.VI.5:3-4).

Choosing to waken our brothers and sisters does not mean lecturing them about A Course in Miracles or nonduality or Christ Mind or vegetarianism or Emily Dickinson or whatever. It means surrendering those ideals altogether so the Holy Spirit can go to work. It can’t be said enough: our job is to get out of the way. What happens next – sharing about ACIM, writing poetry, baking bread, sharing a zafu, whatever – will be natural and helpful precisely because we are allowing it be done through us.

In this world, in these bodies, it seems logical and natural that life should be all about us – our happiness, our satisfaction, our interests and so forth. But A Course in Miracles asks us to consider we’ve got it backwards. It’s not about us, but about our brothers and sisters. Give attention accordingly and know at last the peace that surpasses understanding.

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  • Eric July 10, 2014, 11:53 pm

    I just want to say this without further elaboration. After reading some of the things people say about the course, it is nice to come here and read blogs like this one.

    Thank you Sean

    • Sean Reagan July 11, 2014, 11:05 am

      You’re welcome, Eric. I appreciate the kind words.

      I have been thinking about you lately – there are a couple of interesting conversations happening on this post of mine – and I am remembering the first time we traded ideas, which was about Gary Renard. Chime in if you want – I think it is one of those issues you and I may not agree on, but you are never not helpful.

      Hope you’re well.

      • Eric July 11, 2014, 8:13 pm

        Well I did reply Sean. LOL I think this time I was not helpful.

        • Sean Reagan July 12, 2014, 9:13 am

          It works for me. I think this question with respect to Gary Renard is actually a very important one, albeit not always in the way we think. So working it through seems helpful in any case.

          Actually, it reminded me of Tara Singh’s evolving sense of what it means to teach and be in community with others around ACIM and awakening. I referenced this in the other post; I need to track down the precise quote so I can be clear what he said. But more and more I do not see the point of a stratified community at all – institutions, reverends, teachers and so forth. The inclination to organize is the ego’s.

  • Eric July 11, 2014, 3:28 pm


    That is quite the conversation you have going on. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. It looks to me from what I have read that the J. person you are conversing with is John Lopez. I find him to be rather intelligent who makes some very good points, though his “delivery” may be off putting to some.

    Honestly, I think there needs to be a little more critical thinking like this and discernment about truth and falsity, instead of accepting what “authorities” tell us and form a groupthink mentality.

    This is why I like reading your blogs. From internet reading of “the norm” you’re not just repeating, but are really trying to delve into what you feel the course is saying.

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