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Discerning Truth, Recovering Love

One of the things that we do in this life – this life that we believe unfolds in this world – is sort out the true from the false. Another way to say that is to seek out those moments in which we are creating rather than making. The ego makes – through projection and denial – a world whose sole purpose is to obfuscate our oneness with God. But spirit – what we are in truth – creates light in which oneness is both perceived and extended.

The first step toward freedom involves a sorting out of the false from the true . . . Everyone will ultimately look upon his own creations and choose to preserve only what is good, just as God Himself looked upon what he had created and knew that it was good (T-2.VIII.4:1,3).

This is a constructive process of giving attention to ourselves in concert with the Holy Spirit or Jesus. If we look alone, we are really looking with our egos, and so are apt to make mistakes. But with our interior Guide, we will begin to see that there are places in our lives where the light is present, where it shines easier, and so we can turn in that direction more and more readily.

In a sense, this is an illusion. The light is all there is, and it shines equally on all God’s children. But while we may know that at the level of the intellect, it is still not our lived experience, and so we have to seek the light, and practice beholding it.

It is okay to start with form: long walks in the forest, home-baked bread, Emily Dickinson poems, swimming at night, the smell of wood smoke, train whistles, dogs, story-telling, the purple feathers on mallard drakes.

For whatever reason, we are given forms – activities, objects, relationships, ideas – that are not frightening to us and so, in their application, which is to be in relationship to them, we naturally perceive God, or Love, or Light in them.

The tendency is to think the form causes the content – I feel God’s love because I am walking with my dog in the forest, or watching a heron pace through the shallows, or tracking a moose. We think the form causes the effect.

But where A Course in Miracles gets interesting – and life starts to get a little trippy, if I can use that adjective – is when we begin to accept that it’s the other way around. We feel God’s Love and as a result, the woods are beautiful, the heron angelic, and the moose mysterious.

The distinction matters because if it’s true – and it is – it means that God’s Love goes with us everywhere. We’re just being parsimonious with its expression. And from there it’s just a little hop to realizing that God’s Love goes with us everywhere, because it is us. It cannot be other than us.

Don’t take my word for it, or anybody else’s either. We aren’t trying to get smart about this stuff, repeating what somebody else says is real or true. We are trying to make this Love our experience. Nothing else will satisfy, nothing else will do.

Our creations are your loving thoughts. There are ways and places where these thoughts are naturally more abundant for us. Practice those ways and go to those places as often as practicable – and perhaps a little when impracticable too – because only our loving thoughts are true (T-12.I.3:3). They are expressions of the Love that we are along with God.

It is your voice to which you listen as He speak to you. It is your word He speaks. It is the Word of freedom and of peace, of unity of will and purpose, with no separation or division in the single Mind of Father and of Son (W-pI.125.8:1-2).

We hasten the last step – taken by God – when we make way for God by devoting our lives more and more to the Love that we are in Truth. This is our reality and we can know it in a tangible way. Let form reveal the content, and then revel in the content until you know at last that perfect love is all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be.

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  • michelle January 20, 2014, 11:22 am

    Thank you – how beautiful

    • Sean Reagan January 20, 2014, 2:41 pm

      You’re welcome, Michelle – thank you for reading!

      ~ Sean

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