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Eschew Ideals of Oneness

Oneness as an ideal is not functional because ideals are a form of resistance. They are a way of insisting that life presently is not okay but in the future may be. But ideals are not facts. They don’t represent reality; rather, they represent a specific fantasy about reality, one that blocks our awareness of the perfect stillness that awaits us now.

True oneness is without opposite. It is not a joining of what was previously separated into a melange of happy parts. It’s not peaceful – it’s the impossibility of conflict. There is no decision in it. There is no choice.

So being a student of A Course in Miracles has to do with being honest about our ideals and also being willing to let them go. “Today I will not wish that any aspect of my life be other than it is.” Who can say that? Who wants to?

But this honesty is integral to awakening, which is our acceptance that only the truth is true. What we want is not true, what we fear is not true, and our schemes to get what we want and avoid what we fear are not true either. Only what is – right here, right now – is true. Thought doesn’t enter into it. Thought is simply a kind of reaction to what is.

A Course in Miracles teaches us how to look fearlessly and without judgment at what we have made of reality. It teaches us how to look directly and clearly and without a lot of drama.

So we resolve then to see ourselves as we are, without embellishment or judgment. We aren’t creating a checklist of things that are working and things that need improvement. We are just seeing ourselves as we are: our insecurities, our greed, our laziness. All of life is given at once – the whole gift, right now – and we refuse it. Over and over we say no. Why? There’s no sense in beating ourselves up over it – that won’t help – but we do need to see it.

If we can look without judgment – which sometimes amounts to saying we can’t at this time look at anything without judging it – then that itself is liberation. That itself is awareness and awakening. If you can truly see your half-heartedness towards life, then that half-heartedness ends. It cannot exist when you give attention to it. It can only exist when you don’t give attention to it, or give only a little, or give it only sideways.

That is the practicality inherent in A Course in Miracles: it teaches us how to look fearlessly and without judgment at what we have made of reality. It teaches us how to look directly and clearly and without a lot of drama. This is not easy and it is not necessarily joyful. It is like good psychotherapy, or like removing a bandaid. But it can be done, and doing it opens up heretofore unrecognized vistas in which joy – a natural joy independent of comparison – is actually possible.

You are as God created you. Today honor your Self. Let graven images you made to be the Son of God instead of what is be worshiped not today. Deep in your mind the holy Christ in you is waiting your acknowledgement as you (W-pI.110.9:1-4).

This honoring is a kind of seeing, a kind of looking: a refusal to be blinded by ideals and fictions. We are just going to see what is. Nothing else is asked of us: nothing else could be.

So I want to be aware of those moments when I am projecting wellness or oneness or holiness, when I am making them an ideal towards which my self is aimed. Holiness is an illusion! And so is Oneness! That which I conceive and set as a goal – a desired outcome – is simply the same old resistance taking form. And there is another way, a sweeter and more fulsome and infinitely easier way. That way is given to us: it inheres in us. It is us.

How lovely – even if only briefly as yet – to be wholly in Creation, bringing nothing with us, not even the idea of self.

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