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Secrets Hide the Gifts of God

I wonder if I am alone in choosing bluets as my teachers of A Course in Miracles?

I wait all year for the bluets, and when they come I sit by them the way one sits beside their teacher, and because I am willing to be taught, they teach me.

They teach me that it is time to look at – in order to let go of – my secrets.

Love wishes to be known, completely understood and shared. It has no secrets, nothing that it would keep apart and hide. It walks in sunlight, open-eyed and calm, in smiling welcome and in sincerity so simple and so obvious it cannot be misunderstood (T-20.VI.2:5-7).

Bluets have no secrets. They cherish no mystery. Bluets are always expressing the fullness of being, always giving everything away. These are not just words – poetic fancy, symbolic gestures. I mean this literally. If you go to the bluets – or a birch tree or a piece of quartz or a hill – they hide nothing from you. What they are is given to you, wholly and without condition. They don’t know anything else.

You might say to me, okay Sean. That’s fine as far as bluets go. But human beings are more complex. They are deeper and more vast than a flower or even a hill. Emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, biologically . . .

You can say that – of course you can say it. We all believe it at one time or another. But I will ask you to question it – to see the assumptions behind the opinion. The bluet simply gives – it bluets, if you will. Are we really saying that a human being is different? That it is possible somehow to be more than human? If we say that, aren’t we saying that we can somehow add on to what God created whole and wholly perfect?

When we bring our secrets to light, we begin to enter into relationship with love. That is what happens. It is not imperative to “solve” the problem of secrecy; it is imperative only to look clearly and without judgment at secrecy.

We already have everything, because we already are everything and all a secret can do is obscure that truth. All secrets do is impede the expression of love, which is what we are. So long as we insist on holding onto secrets – on cherishing mystery at any level – then we will not remember what we are in truth and we will suffer accordingly.

To be secretive is to be unloving because it is to clutch some part of the whole to oneself – to hide it, to hide even the fact that one has it. Secrecy always fragments! Secrecy is not about sharing but about refusing to share, however much we try to persuade ourselves otherwise.

When I look at it that way – when I see how miserly secrecy is, and what an impediment to clarity it is, then what about it would I want to keep? The bluets are right. They know better than I do that “God has no secrets” (T-22.I.3:10).

Am I ready to live that way? Am I ready to bring that order to my life? That simplicity?

To have a secret is to worship an idol. Secrets tease out some element of Creation and cherish it more than the remaining whole. To worship an idol is to believe that there is something better than God, which is also separate from God. When we project this belief onto something external – a person, a place, a thing, an idea, et cetera – then that object becomes the idol.

When we hide our idol worship – when we make our idol secret – we are turning our back on God. This is not just separation. It is separation with a vengeance.

The love of [idols] has made love meaningless. They live in secrecy, hating the sunlight and happy in the body’s darkness, where they can hide and keep their secrets hidden along with them (T-20.VI.3:5-6).

So we have to look at our secrets. We have to ask what we are hiding and who we are hiding it from. This is the hard work of A Course in Miracles and there is no getting around it. Nobody can do it for us. Our secrets are a blatant rejection of God. Who wants to look at that? Who wants to face it?

Yet the course is clear that there is reason for hope, that our work in this regard will not be unfruitful. Why? Because our willingness to look at our decision to be separate from God is the undoing of the ego. It is what restores to our mind the capacity to choose again, and to choose rightly, in favor of love. This reflects an openness that is the opposite of secrecy.

Love has no darkened temples where mysteries are kept obscure and hidden from the sun. It does not seek for power, but for relationships (T-20.VI.4:1-2).

When we bring our secrets to light, we begin to enter into relationship with love. That is what happens. It is not imperative to “solve” the problem of secrecy; it is imperative only to look clearly and without judgment at secrecy. We will be gently led beyond them.

Again, this is not just elegant wordiness – I mean it literally. To let go of secrets is to learn what  matters, and to give attention to it accordingly. There is no hardship in it, and no sacrifice. For what we hide is merely what separates us from the Love which we are, and from the relationship that would remind us of that fact.

The bluets remind us there is nothing to do, and that nobody else but us can do it. They express perfectly the Love inherent in Creation. We are given now the light that we – like the bluets, like the hills, like the stars, like life – may express only the Love of which we are eternally composed.

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