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Why Do We Communicate?

A Course in Miracles assures us that whatever we’ve made – these bodies, these relationships, this world – can be taken by the Holy Spirit and transformed into a learning tool. It’s unreal, yes, but can be used as a means to lead us to what is real. What we made to enforce our separation from God, the Holy Spirit will use to undo it.

Nowhere is this more evident than in our bodies. These dense physical webs serve but one purpose – to remind us daily that we suffer unto death. Perennial misery ending in permanent dissolution. Yet, under the Holy Spirit’s tutelage, they can become vehicles of communication – teaching devices – which serve their purpose and then are gently laid aside when no longer needed. The crucifixion of Jesus was simply an extreme example of this lesson.

Why do we communicate? Because it is one of the ways that we forgive each other and thus heal. So long as we believe in a physical world that is filled with specific problems and specific needs and lacks, then the solution offered by the Holy Spirit will be equally specific. Words can hurt – but they are also powerful tools of healing when used in the service of Jesus.

Thus, we communicate to undo the separation – to remind ourselves and others that we are not separated from God, that we are whole and perfect as we are.

Teaching is communicating. We are always teaching. Whatever thought system to which we subscribe – the egoic mind, the Holy Spirit – it manifests in our words and actions. We communicate it and thus teach it to others. That’s inevitable. What is not inevitable is the thought system that we adopt, the teacher with whom we work – there we can exercise choice.

When we choose to teach with Jesus or the Holy Spirit, when we give over our inclination to communicate to their care, then our communication becomes more loving. We don’t judge what needs to be said or done, we merely recall our willingness to let the Holy Spirit, our right mind, handle things. And it will – perfectly and lovingly. And healing – for us and for the recipient of our communication – is the result.

We are always reaching to one another, always trying to find something or someone. This is the inner witness that the separation is not real because it is not our default state. We are not these bodies stumbling and muttering through a dark world. We are spirit in a state of everloving dialogue with what is sacred and divine.

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  • zrinka March 30, 2013, 5:37 pm

    There is something so poetic, so effortless and gentle in – understanding. I felt it in your words (they reminded me of a poem Snow in Madrid) and found a clue for my heart’s question of many years. Thank you for that, fellow traveler:)
    Often I feel like I fail in communication. I choose to speak by default (even when it hurts me and binds), because I feel that it is moral to share what you know (what you received) and be truthful. Somewhere along the road, I began to think of communication and morality as unseparable, and although I’m sure that they truly are connected, I feel that my understanding of their relationship is not wise and full. For most of my life, my only heart’s desire (in communication) is to communicate about God, soul and universe, connect and share love. But the paradox is, I don’t really know how to do it. So I try hard. And communication becomes a duty. Duty to love. Duty to somehow share love and speak of God. To be there for God, as he always is for me. How could my words and doings ever reflect His Love? So I try too hard to share all the love God gives me and forget that through Holy Spirit it was received and through Holy Spirit it is to be given. You said it beautifully .. We don’t judge what needs to be said or done, we merely recall our willingness to let the Holy Spirit handle things.
    In this sentence I found the clue. I try too hard to find my voice, when it is not in my power alone to speak of God’s love. I have to surrender my voice to God. Somewhere in my soul, I feel that then I will sing more and judge less:)

    God with you, thank you!:)

    SNOW IN MADRID……..By Helen Joy Gresham Lewis

    Softly, so casual,

    Lovely, so light, so light,

    The cruel sky lets fall

    Something one does not fight.

    How tenderly to crown the brutal year

    The clouds sent something down

    That one need not fear.

    Men before perishing

    See with unwounded eye

    For once a gentle thing

    Fall from the sky.

    • Sean Reagan April 3, 2013, 6:06 pm

      ah Zrinka . . . that is a lovely poem . . . . you are too kind to associate it with anything I write.

      Much love,


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