Healing as the Recognition of Truth

We talk about God all the time but A Course in Miracles assures us that we have forgotten God (T-7.IV.4:4). We have no idea what God is – or how to find God – or what will happen if and when we do find God. This simple fact infuriates the ego – my ego anyway. All the study and prayer and meditation. All the hours in Catholic churches, the hours in Buddhist Zendos. That transcendental meditation training I did. The talk therapy, my Tibetan peace flags, my tarot cards . . .  I must at least have an inkling, right?

Well, no.

When I get over the ego-shock of being told I don’t know something – especially something that I want to know and have ostensibly tried to know – this idea is actually incredibly liberating. It’s another way of saying what this section states about truth: “Truth can only be recognized and need only be recognized (T-7.IV.1:1).”

In other words, I don’t have to establish the truth, polish the truth, gather the truth, invent the truth or translate the truth. The Truth is and that is indeed enough. I just have to see it – to re-know it, if you will.

Thus, accepting the fact that I have forgotten God does two useful things for me. First, it establishes that all my efforts – see that first paragraph above – have come to naught. They didn’t work. In fact, it’s possible they are part of the what obscured God. It’s possible they enabled the forgetting. When I accept this, I can take my hands off the driver’s wheel. Okay – I can’t be in charge anymore. I have no clue what I’m doing. Somebody else lead.

And that is such a helpful space to be in! When we decide that we’re not the boss, we open up some space for another guide. So the communication lines to Jesus clear considerably. The Holy Spirit can enter. This happens naturally, an effortless consequence of deciding there must be another way. Suddenly, we can hear the still small voice of Spirit. It doesn’t mean we’re ready to listen or follow – maybe not yet – but at least the possibility of another way has presented itself. This is a real light!

The other thing that happens – related to the first – is that eventually, being aware of these competing voices (the ego and the holy spirit), then we are going to make a choice. We are going to decide for one or the other. And really, simply by allowing the two voices to be heard, we have already made the choice. Because the Holy Spirit can only be heard when we reject the ego’s voice as unhelpful. We only extend the invitation to the Holy Spirit when we see the ego as the problem, not the solution. We can remain in denial about this a long time – lifetimes perhaps. But it’s as true as it ever was. The Holy Spirit has come. The way home is clear.

It’s clear, by the way, not because our physical eyes can now behold a way through this world of form and matter. It’s not like we win the lottery, or get a super job, or a private sushi chef. It’s that we have now accepted the guide who knows the way home and we are ready to be followers. We aren’t jostling for the lead anymore. We aren’t wondering about different paths or different guides. We aren’t dragging our feet. We’ve made the decision. And having made the decision, the help arrives. And availing ourselves of the help, we can return to Heaven. We remember God.

When we remember God, we are recognizing – knowing again – Truth. And that is healing. It is the only healing there is.

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