ACIM and the Enemy of Inner Peace

1 Earlier this week I wrote about the “problem” of evil. Here I want to go deeper into it, but from the perspective of having enemies. Many ACIM students, when asked to make a list of their enemies, demur. “All men are my brothers.” “I’m a lover, not a hater.” They obey a voice insideContinue reading “ACIM and the Enemy of Inner Peace”

Homesteading and ACIM

I would like to write about my experience of homesteading – raising one’s own food and the relationships that entails – and how it relates to what A Course in Miracles calls the “Happy Dream.” Pictures are just random, “around the place and around our lives” kind of thing. Chrisoula and I have constructed overContinue reading “Homesteading and ACIM”

Lost Sections of the Manual for Teachers: Nonviolence

Here is a lost section from the Manual for Teachers in A Course in Miracles: The Teacher of God is nonviolent. He does not recognize conflict at all. In any circumstance in which his interests appear to separate from his brother’s, he quietly bridges the gap by remembering that his brother is his savior, andContinue reading “Lost Sections of the Manual for Teachers: Nonviolence”