Loving God with All Your Mind (Means Asking Questions)

That which is projected cannot be solved. Our lives in the world – our names, bodies, histories, communities, careers, families – are all projections. By placing them outside – and denying that we have done so – we turn them into problems. If we saw the reality of projection and denial, then we could accept our responsibility and bring the suffering of the world to an end.

A Course in Miracles urges us to start with ourselves, wherever we are. It doesn’t matter if we believe Jesus is just a symbol of Helen Schucman’s right mind or whether we believe a meaningful practice of ACIM necessarily includes reference to Advaita Vedanta or even whether we think Gary Renard’s ascended masters are a phony marketing ploy. The Course will meet us in that place. It is indifferent to what is external. It is not dependent at all. It even allows for its own undoing. What could be more holy?

All that matters then is our willingness. We have to question everything. When we are hungry and we start acting cranky, we have to question it. When we feel the pride of nationalism rise in our chest, we have to question it. When we feel desire for someone, we have to question it. We have to look at it. The question is what matters: not the answer. When we question our acceptance of the world and the self as real, then we create a space in which we can be taught to distinguish between what is real and what is false.

All we are really doing is learning how to become students of that within us which knows God.

Wisdom is neither the accumulation of information nor its particular application. Wisdom is simply the quiet in which what is given is both revealed and realized. One makes contact with that space – that energy – and one no longer perceives the world as a series of problems to be solved. People who are uncooperative, weather that is abysmal, news that is always bad. When we become students of the Holy Spirit, our Christ nature flows through us. The external is still there but we no longer respond to it. It no longer yields effect, good or bad. Thus, there is no longer any need for judgment.

Our function then is to accept responsibility for projection and denial. We liberate our brothers and sisters when we no longer need them to be anything other than the beautiful son or daughter of Christ that they are in truth. They in turn free us to be the Love that we are in Truth. There is sort of melting motion, a blending motion. It sounds magical but it is natural and familiar. This is the call. This is what we are.

I know, I know: easy to say; hard to do. But we are not alone any step of the way. Jesus is the big brother who takes our hand, answers our questions, lets us sob on his shoulder, grants every respite, even stops in the distance and waits while we catch up. The Holy Spirit will answer every question we ask: quietly and surely it will bring us to the Holy Instant and reminds us that this is the answer to all our problems. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that means yet. When you try it – as it happens – you will remember.

When we question our unhappiness and our imprisonment, we invoke the mighty power of God. It is not lightening bolts or invisible hands that deliver our release, but rather the gentle dawning in the mind of its real creative power. We already are what is. All that remains is to remember it.

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  • Bubba Rucker March 20, 2013, 4:49 pm

    Wow…………..God does listen. I just sent you my Email. Then i decided to read this entry before I shut off the computer for awhile. Question asked, Question answered! It may seem overly simple, but small things like this i have come to know, are the work of Jesus giving us that “nudge” of understanding that helps us continue our journey.

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