Reading A Course in Miracles: Wholeness and Spirit

This was the section of A Course in Miracles that let me know it was okay to look for – and avail myself of – a teacher. Equality as children of God does not imply equality right here in the dream (T-1.V.2:5). In the dream, some of us are making progress that others aren’t. There are teachers and students. And it’s okay.

This concept was actually very important to me early on and remains so. Waking up begins with acceptance of who and what we are – perfect children of God under the fearful impression that we’ve separated from our Creator. If we’re trying to pretend that everything is okay – that we’re spiritually sound when we’re actually terrified and fragmented . . . it won’t work.

A Course in Miracles is very much about being precisely who we are in the moment – no judgment about that. Yesterday’s section – the Escape from Darkness – made clear that ultimately we are going to have to bring all the baggage to the light of healing. This isn’t an option. If we’re going to wake up, if we’re going to remember our identity in God, it’s going to be with the raw material on hand. What else are we waiting for?

When I feel diminished by the wisdom of other teachers and students – and it happens – I remind myself that our equality is not at issue. We were given everything God had to give in the moment of creation. All that happens here in the dream is that some of us remember more quickly that we’ve already got it all.

Accepting this fact has deepened my resolve to wake up. There is nothing I need to have and nothing I need to do. I merely need to allow God to remind me of my glorious wholeness. I love the lines near the end of this section.

. . . unless you recognize your complete dependence on God, you cannot know the real power of the Son in his true relationship with the Father. The specialness of God’s Sons does not stem from exclusion but from inclusion. All my brothers are special (T-1.V.3:4-6).

When we surrender to God – when we allow God to move in us, direct us, inspire us – then we remember our original condition of wholeness and spirit. And because of it we perform miracles – we extend love, through our bodies in the world, to our brothers and sisters. We take the dog for an extra long walk. We do the dishes for our spouse, even though it’s their turn. We call our parents to say hi. Those little gestures are not little at all – they are witnesses to Christ, evidence that our minds serve the “true authority” (T-1.V.5:7).

We need help to do this. I know that I do. I’m grateful then to my teachers – the ones who are apparently famous, the ones who are not. The ones that use words and the ones that don’t. All of them – all of us – are helping one another turn our attention to that still, small voice inside. It is the voice of Christ directing us very specifically, very lovingly, on the way to return to our Creator.

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