The Truth Asks Nothing Of Us

It bears repeating that Truth, or Reality, requires nothing from us. It is. It requires no input, amendment or seal of approval from the limited physical personal self with which we identify. This is not especially difficult to grasp conceptually, but bringing it to application is another thing entirely. We might say that all of our problems – general and specific alike – stem from our inability to let Truth simply be.

The Holy Spirit will undo for you everything you have learned that teaches that what is not true must be reconciled with truth. This is the reconciliation the ego would substitute for your reconciliation to sanity and peace (T-13.XI.11:1-2).

The notion that we have to do something – anything – is deeply ingrained in us. Call it the evolutionary action of the brain, call it the ACIM ego, call it crazy. We just don’t want to accept that we’re not driving the proverbial bus. And even after we come to terms with our ineptitude at managing life, we still tend to slip into well-intentioned activity. I have to pray two hours a day and do yoga and avoid carbohydrates and drink only organic hemp milk and study the Course and . . .

On and on it goes. And all the while, Truth or Reality or Heaven is there for the asking, there for the blessing. It is our frantic searching for answers and our frantic efforts at self-improvement that obscure it. In and of itself it’s not hidden or difficult.

It is important to see our busy-ness for what it is: an attempt to take over the role of God. It doesn’t matter whether we’re doing it unconsciously or consciously or viciously or with sincere compassion. There can only be one bus driver and it is not us! Every other possibility simply postpones salvation.

You are but trying to escape a bitter war from which you have escaped. The war is gone. For you have heard the hymn of freedom rising unto Heaven (T-13.XI.2:2-4).

Really, what we are talking about is our investment. It is not that doing yoga or shopping only at the co-op is itself wrong. It is that we think they are right. That’s the trap. When our goal is Heaven – when our investment is in salvation – then it doesn’t matter if we’re stuck in a line at the gas station or holding hands with someone we love in the moonlight. It’s all the same.

Jesus pointed it out long ago and we are still learning, still trying to live it. “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

So we have to check ourselves. We have to be confident that our focus and energy is rightly aligned. We have to ask what we are after – glorification and preservation of the personal self or salvation? The one is an endless circle that leads only to despair. The other delivers us to Heaven.

And yes. It’s hard. One step forward, two steps back. But it’s here the metaphysics can be helpful. If we can accept – or even just be willing to accept – that salvation is already accomplished, then it’s a bit easier to surf the apparent swells of our daily existence in the world. We aren’t alone. We aren’t inventing spiritual wheels.

Have faith in only this one thing, and it will be sufficient: God wills you be in Heaven, and nothing can keep your from it, or it from you (T-13.XI.7:1-2).

That is our treasure. And it is well worth our investment.

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