Reading A Course in Miracles: Distortions of Miracle Impulses

One of the things that close readings of A Course in Miracles will do is gently reveal some of the material’s more radical ideas. We discover new ways that the course wants to teach us to serve our brothers and sisters in love, in order that we might all wake up to our unified presenceContinue reading “Reading A Course in Miracles: Distortions of Miracle Impulses”

Resistance and A Course in Miracles

What do we do when we find ourselves resisting A Course in Miracles? Maybe refusing to do the lessons or not paying attention when we read the text? Coming to situations that call for forgiveness and brushing them off. I’ll get to it next week . . . What is this resistance? All resistance isContinue reading “Resistance and A Course in Miracles”

Reading A Course in Miracles Introduction

Yesterday I took A Course in Miracles to work with me. I had a dozen meetings with students lined up which means – adjusting for the absent-mindedness of college students – that I was going to have five or six meetings with students and a lot of free time. I found myself reading the IntroductionContinue reading “Reading A Course in Miracles Introduction”

A Course In Miracles: How Simple The Solution

I think it is natural that at some point in their practice, most students of A Course in Miracles have to step back and ask themselves what they’re doing. You read the text, you work through all the lessons in the workbook, you throw in a couple dozen books by both well-known and less well-knownContinue reading “A Course In Miracles: How Simple The Solution”

What Does Abundance Mean?

Before I began to practice A Course of Miracles, I accepted without question that one could measure their spiritual wellness by virtue of external conditions. What does abundance mean? A new age dynamic blend of spiritual health and wellness. Or something like that. And secretly – even though I actively campaigned against this idea inContinue reading “What Does Abundance Mean?”

A Course in Miracles Fraud

Yesterday, while searching online for some information about ACIM teachers – I am trying to better appreciate and understand what prompts people to charge money for “teaching” ACIM – I ran into two articles that threw me for a loop, distracting me from the love that is our fundament. The first was over at EWTN whichContinue reading “A Course in Miracles Fraud”