A Story to Shed Light on Forgiveness

Once when I was a young lawyer another lawyer – a guy maybe twenty years older than me, a skillful attorney I admired a lot – humiliated me publicly. During a meeting before about two hundred other lawyers, he spoke from the podium about how he hated working with “dumb young lawyers” and – pointingContinue reading “A Story to Shed Light on Forgiveness”

Special Relationships as Forms of Avoidance

Special relationships reflect a decision to avoid looking at guilt and hate within by renaming them “love” and projecting them onto a partner. This only exacerbates the underlying problem, which is our refusal to be responsible for the decision to be separate from both Creator and Creation. Separation is only a decision not to knowContinue reading “Special Relationships as Forms of Avoidance”

Interlude: Looking is the Holy Spirit

Yesterday I talked about giving our mind over to the Holy Spirit, both in terms of its content and its function. In that way, our problems end. I suggested a next post would relate to how to give our minds over. That’s still coming, but here I offer a side note about what the HolyContinue reading “Interlude: Looking is the Holy Spirit”

Remembering our Guiltlessness

We learn of our guiltlessness when a brother or sister looks at us and sees not a body but rather that which is worthy of love and wholly undeserving of punishment (e.g., T-13.In.1:2). It is the so-called other who reminds us of God’s uninterrupted, unconditional Love, effectively restoring it to our mind. And it isContinue reading “Remembering our Guiltlessness”