Joining with You: Notes on Tara Singh’s “Love Holds No Grievances”

The other day I re-read part one of Love Holds No Grievances by Tara Singh. It is a beautiful book, not quite 100 pages, and so full of wisdom and insight that even a handful of sentences can change your life. If you give the words the attention – which is to give yourself theContinue reading “Joining with You: Notes on Tara Singh’s “Love Holds No Grievances””

Awakening to Truth through A Course in Miracles

Truth needs no interpretation, because it needs no defense (T-17.IV.10:2). It is one without another, perfect in its simplicity (T-26.III.1:8). That’s the suggestion A Course in Miracles makes. In truth there is no choice, because there is nothing to choose between (T-26.III.1:10). Thus there is no conflict anywhere in the system. That’s not the wayContinue reading “Awakening to Truth through A Course in Miracles”

Between Easters: the Holy Instant

Presently I am between Easters. We celebrated Easter with the Catholic side of the family last week and we will celebrate Orthodox Easter with the Greek side tomorrow. It is a happy time. Of course, as a student of A Course in Miracles, and a half-assed Teacher of God, Easter – the resurrection inherent inContinue reading “Between Easters: the Holy Instant”

Bodies of Light in the Mind of Love

(I shared a newsletter yesterday, if you’re interested). I remember once driving through light rain and growing increasingly scared of my relationships. I could not fit them together. I did not understand the demands they made on me. I could not bear the demands I made on them. They seemed shallow and dishonest. I couldn’tContinue reading “Bodies of Light in the Mind of Love”

Interlude: Looking is the Holy Spirit

Yesterday I talked about giving our mind over to the Holy Spirit, both in terms of its content and its function. In that way, our problems end. I suggested a next post would relate to how to give our minds over. That’s still coming, but here I offer a side note about what the HolyContinue reading “Interlude: Looking is the Holy Spirit”