Lenten Journal: Our Multi-Dimensional Companions

In experience, the journey from ego-based dissociation towards God (or from fear towards love), specifically invokes the other as a multi-dimensional companion: comforter, scherpa, reflecting pool, dialogue partner, psalmist, lover . . . To be praxical is to be in love with the other (who could be our own self) in the fullness of theirContinue reading “Lenten Journal: Our Multi-Dimensional Companions”

Lenten Writing: Bird-Shaped Holes

This morning I watched two tufted titmice in the maple tree at the bedroom window. They sipped from icicles on limbs that nearly reached the porch roof which is still laden with snow from recent storms. They were quick and alert, the way it sometimes feels to be happy. They reminded me of the summerContinue reading “Lenten Writing: Bird-Shaped Holes”

Lenten Writing: Remembering Unity

Yet this writing – which is thinking out loud – implies a division between praxis and study, which negates – or occludes, maybe – their unity, which is actually how they are given. It is not sufficient to say that study is praxical and praxis studious. That reflects a distinction subsequent to their appearance whichContinue reading “Lenten Writing: Remembering Unity”

Lenten Writing: Praxis as Application

In a sense, praxis has to do with the exercise – with the application – of ethics and morals. Through study we develop an intuitive sense of what is good and just, what is most likely to defuse conflict and elevate the collective, the all-of-us, rather than only the individual. Through praxis we seek meansContinue reading “Lenten Writing: Praxis as Application”