Summer 2019 / Notes

One of the tricks to a sustainable writing practice is to change the writing utensil, writing media, writing space. If you write on a computer, write with a pen. If you write in the hay loft, write at the kitchen table.

Presently, for reasons that are obscure but pleasing, I have been writing Facebook Notes on my page. I hope you will read them and if you them helpful or provocative or – perhaps more likely – in need of clarification, then you will share with me.

I have a post coming here but it involves a meditation on my relationship with prisms, so . . .

Time is taken. Rewriting abounds.


Summer is passing; the fairs are upon us. The garden overflows; all night apples fall; the grackles gather into flocks. I am grateful to those of you who read and share with me, here and in other settings. Your attentiveness helps contextualize this journey-that-is-not-a-journey, this awakening-that-is-never-not-happening.

Truly, each step is what makes possible the next. Each of us steadying the other, lifting the lamp, opening the map, sharing the canteen becomes the other. I could not travel without you any more than either of us could travel alone.

Be happy and wordy; be helpful. Be in love, as I am always with you.

~ Sean

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