Psilocybin, Healing and A Course in Miracles

Content Warning: This essay may be triggering for folks recovering from addiction. It may be triggering in other ways as well. I am bearing witness to my own study and practice here; I am not defending that study and practice and I am not advocating for it. Forgive me. And be kind to yourself asContinue reading “Psilocybin, Healing and A Course in Miracles”

Walking Away from Golgotha

A Course in Miracles uses crucifixion as a symbol of the separation which occurs routinely in our living as the sense of being unfairly attacked. It’s an abstraction with consequences to which we can respond with love. Crucifixion symbolizes the attempt to combine attack and innocence (T-27.I.1:1). There is the one who does the crucifyingContinue reading “Walking Away from Golgotha”

Sex, Holiness and A Course in Miracles

I am not a body is not synonymous with bodies aren’t real. A Course in Miracles is specific about two (among other) points: there is no world (W-pI.132.6:2) and we are not bodies (W-pI.199.8:7). Often we infer, or project, another point: there are no bodies either. But that addition is a distraction. Healing is ourContinue reading “Sex, Holiness and A Course in Miracles”

Kenosis and A Course in Miracles

You must empty yourself of everything, including even the longing for life. You must give up everything, including control over your death. Forget about living and dying, and then forget you forgot about it. You will ask, “what is left? What more do you want of me God? What else can I give?” And thenContinue reading “Kenosis and A Course in Miracles”

Ending our Spiritual Identity Crisis

In The Voice that Precedes Thought Tara Singh writes that we either “avoid the crisis or we act.” The crisis is spiritual; it is the crisis of identity; we do not know what we are in truth, and so continually project illusions of identity, which brings us to grief, and the world too. All thoughtContinue reading “Ending our Spiritual Identity Crisis”