Late January Notes

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In that letter, I think aloud about the emphasis A Course in Miracles places on awakening others. The course is somewhat unusual in the nondual traditions (in which it is appropriately located) in its focus on our brothers and sisters. In ACIM, the one is the other, and vice-versa, and the project – the method, so to speak – is informed thusly.

Service, as A Course in Miracles sees it, is a surrender of the ego and its body-bound, world-bound framework, in favor of giving attention to our brothers and sisters. The form this attentiveness takes is not up to us; indeed, the surrender that precedes it means that whatever happens next in the world of form can’t be our doing. It is a profound letting go and, as such, also a profound gift.

As we sink deeper and deeper into the ineffable unspeakable essence that is our Source and Identity, that Source and Identity flows with increasing joy through us into the world. We don’t need to understand this, much less explain it. We do need to be ready and willing to give ourselves over to it.

Critically, whatever awakening is, it is not about us. This seems to be the salient insight.


I have posted a lessons index laying out posts related to the workbook lessons. There are more posts floating around, but this index reflects those which are more care-filled and attentive. I began writing about the lessons a decade ago; my intention and insight have shifted in helpful ways since then. This year has been given to renewing my focus on the workbook, both alone and with others; I hope to update the index accordingly.


Finally, I am grateful to everyone who reads and shares here with me. Together we are building a little oasis in the desert of illusion, one where we can all rest and be nurtured on our shared journey to the home we never left.

To say I am grateful is perhaps simplistic but it’s true. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being with me.


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  1. Sean. You’ve done it again, you keep breaking new ground and I’m so grateful for your leadership thank you again and keep up the good work thank you.

    1. Hi Janine,

      Nice to hear from you! Yes, those oases are truly gifts, as are those who help us find them AND remind when it’s okay to move on from them 🙂


  2. Hi Sean. Beginning to review your previous posts. I’m starting to notice that when seeming threats arise in illusion, I don’t receive them with equanimity. Rather, I’m reactive, which means that I believe and am still embedded in the illusion. Like when my bank emailed me a Stimulus Check update and included various links that led to suspicious requests, including asking one to enter one’s nine-digit Social Security number to enable one to track one’s IRS payment. I freaked out! Emailed a complaint to my bank’s Customer Service Dept., and next emailed their (?) weird notice to them for their review. So, next goal, obviously, would be to transition to a more reflective (your word) approach to the world. Ideal blanket response: peace. That’s what I’m getting. Obviously teetering on the brink of the forgiveness phase.

    1. Hey Laurie . . . when we see clearly we are not forgiving – or that we are teetering on the brink of forgiving – that is forgiveness . . .

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