Notes in Early November

Happy All Saints Day.

I’ve been trying to find my way with a newsletter for years. Another one floats into the ether tomorrow morning. If you’re interested, you can read past newsletters and sign up for the future ones here.

I’ve also been having fun with videos lately.

This one is posted elsewhere on the site, but I wanted to share it upfront with folks who check in once in a while. Thanks for reading (and watching). In a sincere way, I am grateful to those of you who listen to and encourage me. As Paul said to the faithful of Thessaloniki long ago, “encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”

The secret to writing and thinking publicly about A Course in Miracles is to realize that you are the student, not the teacher, and everyone who shows up – whatever their posture – has come to save you from bad dreams.

Those who would learn the same course share one interest and one goal. And thus he who was the learner becomes a teacher of God himself, for he has made the one decision that gave his teacher to him. He has seen in another person the same interests as his own (M-2.5:7-9).

I have been fortunate over the past year to have spent time with a couple of teachers who simultaneously deepened and relaxed my ACIM practice. The language is infinitely clearer and the metaphysics orders of magnitude less confusing. It’s a dream, yes, but one in which dreaming is no longer an impediment to inner peace and joy.

I hope that some of that light and helpfulness occasionally finds its way into what is shared here. In the dream we are having, our shared interests are a light which undoes the illusion of separation. Without you, it would be dark indeed.


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