Notes in Mid-November

I walked many miles in the rain last night. Past the village the dark is smooth and alive, like the heart of something wild. There are voices in the rain.

My walk was a plea for clarity and understanding; clarity and understanding were given.

The Holy Spirit is an experience in the world: it is a quiet acceptance of all things, including what we have judged against. It is the end of resistance; it is the acceptance of everything. It is in us but not of us.

To be given to the Holy Spirit’s calm openness is to see with clarity and grace all that stands between us and the honest declaration that “the peace of God is everything I want” (W-pI.205.1:2).

We can be confused about God – call it Love, call it Oneness – but we cannot be apart from it. When we want to be restored to Choiceless Awareness we are restored because we never left.

There is no “we.” There is no “us.” There is not even God.

Yet oddly, without us – which is to say, without you, which is to say, without God – I would not know this. Which, in my half-assed way, I wrote about in today’s newsletter. Sign up if you like.

And of course – with all my heart – thank you. 🙏


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