A Course in Miracles Lesson 112

Light and joy and peace abide in me (lesson 93).

I am as God created me (lesson 94).

Miracles are brought forth in a light which is inherent in us. It is the light of understanding and humility, the light of remembering that we are only here to be helpful to our brothers and sisters.

Thus, in a real sense, we are the site – the home – in which miracles are both perceived and experienced. We are the home to which our brothers and sisters come in order to remember the happiness in which their own innocence is revealed. –

This light and joy and peace are the glorious condition of what we are in creation, because it is the condition of creation itself. We cannot undo or modify in any way this clear and simple truth. We can deny it – we can keep our attention away from it a long time, lifetimes even – but we cannot end it.

Why is this so? Why is the truth so impervious to fear?

The answer is: because we remain as God created us. Our perfection is eternal because it reflects the perfection of God, and it is shared equally with every single facet of creation.

Even to say that we are “one” with God is to miss the point, because it suggests there is an “other” in need of union. It allows for the impossibility that what is perfect and whole can be fragmented and chaotic. In truth, we have not left God; in truth we cannot leave God, because we share one Will and that Will does not contemplate separation.

To believe otherwise is to fall for the lie that a dream can be real. And yet even within that dream we are given a Teacher who can teach us that we merely dream, and that our long sufferance is merely an illusion.

This review lesson is in the nature of an affirmation. Both of the primary lessons it covers – in particular Lesson 94 – are essential to both our understanding of A Course in Miracles and our application of its thought system. Both merit our attention in a serious way, at evening and morning, but throughout the day as well.

Peace is a condition of what we are in truth. Within that peace are joy and love, themselves the fruits of the radical inclusivity that defines God’s creation.

However, if remembering that peace – and making it the singular fact of our day-to-day existence – were simple, then we would not need A Course in Miracles. Jesus has been with us in some form or other for over two thousand years and look how it’s gone. We need help – a lot of it. And we need it because our perception of separation is deeply ingrained in us. Our thought patterns are not only twisted but they resist and push back against that which would untangle them.

Thus, we come to this review period with the potential to further restore to our unhealed minds a dim memory of our original wholeness. We are recollect and remember Heaven in a very literal way today. Thread by thread we are restoring our minds to wholeness, releasing the many veils that keep us from remembering Christ and, through that memory, God.

So we apply ourselves, then. We make it the goal of this day: to make it holy by remembering that we do indeed remain as God created us, and that the memory of this truth is seen in the very light that we are, being created by God in whose essence that light is shared.

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