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I began doing the ACIM daily lessons within days of beginning to read the text. Even though I did them at a breakneck pace – one per day – they helped to anchor my practice. Later, when I began to slow down, spending time with lessons that were especially appealing, their influence became even more pervasive. This is a course; the lessons cannot be ignored.

It is tempting to think that one go-round will be enough. You know, you wake up after the final lesson and bam! It\’s all enlightenment all the time. No doubt there are students for whom that is the case. But for me, awakening has been a process, and often a slow one. And it is not separate from my continued study of the lessons.

I now spend days on a given lesson – sometimes more. Perhaps that is a luxury born of having whizzed through them – I did the first round in a little over thirteen months I believe. But as my appreciation for the simplicity of the Course deepens, my respect for its transformative power deepens as well. With each apparent breakthrough, there is a pervasive sense that one can go ever deeper, become ever more clear, ever more loving.

Lessons that went flying over my head the first time I saw them now resonate and make demands of me. They\’re like children that way – you can\’t ignore them and they bring something out of you that you didn\’t know you had. Lights go on. Oh, I didn\’t know that\’s what Jesus meant when he said that when I defend myself, I attack myself.

So it goes. The course cannot be appreciated at a merely intellectual level. Clearly it has appeal at that level; but it is meant to be lived. It is meant to be brought into application. We are students at home, with our families, at work, while shopping, even while driving the car. It makes us better drivers – really!

Because ultimately A Course in Miracles is one of the ways that Jesus teaches us how to love ourselves by loving one another. It sounds nice but there\’s nothing to say about it really. Love at the level of words is thin gruel indeed. So we are being taught how to put our money where out mouths are. The lessons do that. They give us practical tips on how to be loving. They teach us how to love our neighbors, our brothers and sisters, without condition or compromise. They teach us how to reflect Heaven in a world that seems bent on hell and hellish consequences.

Remember always that my path is my path – it is not yours. If I can be helpful, great. But if what I write is confusing or alienating or downright frustrating, then put it aside. There are lots of students and teachers out there. Seek peace and you\’ll find it. I promise.

Pacing in the ACIM Daily Lessons


A Course in Miracles Lesson 188