A Course in Miracles Lesson 120

I rest in God (Lesson 109)

I am as God created me (Lesson 110)

To remember that we are as God created us is to rest in God. It is to know our being in and as Creation, seamlessly united with our Creator in the One Life beyond all appearances of difference.

What do we want? Do we want more things for the body? Rituals to soothe the brain’s longing for pattern? All these things do is temporarily obscure the road to death, the meaningless journey the ego insists is the only one we can take.

Or do we want peace and happiness? And, beyond that, do we want to rest our weary minds – do we want to no longer be vexed by paradoxes, beset by problems, hunted by sickness and snared by death?

Do we not long for a respite – even a brief one – from the cruel and banal existence to which we seem condemned?

A Course in Miracles is an invitation to end the ego’s death rattles and empty promises once and forever – to end them so thoroughly we can barely remember they ever bothered us. Tara Singh used to say that any daily lesson, properly attended, could end our insane belief in separation.

Can we use this lesson that way? Are we ready for it?

For the answer is given: we remain as God created us and therefore are not separate from God’s Creation and therefore are at rest. We have no problems and there are no mysteries. Suffering is a nightmare already forgotten, pain the dimmest of dim memories.

Are we ready to see the truth of it?

If we are honest, the answer is something along the lines of “maybe.” Yes we want it, but we’re scared still. Or we don’t entirely believe it. Or maybe part of us still believes we deserve to suffer.

But if we are willing to sit quietly with the lesson, and open our mind to the truth that God has set forever shining there, then we will know – even if only briefly – that our reality is beyond the aggressive violations of ego. We are forever blessed and thus know only blessing and thus can only extend blessing.

There is only love, and it does not know fear at all.

It doesn’t matter if our journey ends today with this lesson. What matters is the willingness we bring to our practice. When we are ready, God will take the final step, which is merely the restoration to our shared mind that our reality is perfectly clear and totally without compromise of any kind.

We are the sons and daughters of a living God whose love ensures that only complete peace and joy are worthy of us. Today let us at least be willing to remember it – and if we can’t be, let us at least allow that one day we will. God asks no more of us.

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