A Course in Miracles Lesson 175

God is but Love and therefore so am I.

In the previous review lesson, we remember that the way to remember God is to greet – to relate – to one another in holiness. That is, we commit to knowing the other as God knows them, and we actively disregard those thoughts and feelings that would teach us to see them as bodies.

When we give attention to one another in this way, we receive that attention. We know ourselves as we know the other as God’s Creation.

In this review, we sharpen that insight by understanding – again – that this is what a miracle is. It is a shift in our understanding of what we are in truth, and what the other is in truth, so that together we can bring forth peace and happiness for all our brothers and sisters.

MIracles heal minds that believe they are separate from God by teaching them how to see God – who is but Love – in every brother and sister that we meet.

This lesson also teaches us that one of the effects of this commitment to holiness is the remembrance that fear – which does still appear in our experience – is a stranger. That is, we are home and fear is alien, not the other way around.

When we take fear literally – when take it as real, and capable of real effects – then we find ourselves lost. When we are lost, we seek. This is the ego! And endless and fruitless search for peace where peace can not ever be found.

When we stop searching for peace, and instead commmit to seeing our brothers and sisters as holy because they are beloved of God, then fear ends and we are home. We are home because we are no longer seeking anything outside of ourselves. Rather, we are remembering what is already true within ourselves.

God’s certainty suffices. Whom He knows to be His Son belongs where He has set His Son forever . . . Whom God has joined remain forever one, at home in Him, no stranger to Himself (W-pI.160.8:1-2, 5).

Miracles occur in minds that are open to seeing the other as God sees them. And miracles end fear by enlightening the mind in which they occur, revealing that mind as one with God in Creation.

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