A Course in Miracles Lesson 180

God is but Love, and therefore so am I.

Lesson 180 of A Course in Miracles teaches that we are not alone because we are never truly separated from our source. We remain forever connected in Creation to our Creator. What God creates can neither die nor be injured nor become sick.

Thus, “God is but Love, and therefore so am I” is a declaration of freedom. All life depends on it.

The truth of our lived experience is that we often feel lost and alone; we feel disconnected from others and from God. Our spiritual search may feel empty or hollow, it may ground out in despair, and appear bereft of purpose or function. And yet – because we cannot logically be apart from God – these feelings are basically illusions. They obscure what is true; they are not true themselves.

Thus, this lesson – like all the lessons in this review period – gently but insistently confirms that our true nature is Love, and that there are not many loves but One Love, and that the sooner we remember this, the sooner we can get on with the joy of living. We are united with all that is, because “all that is” in its wholeness, reflects God. Only our belief in separation causes us to feel isolated and disconnected from our brothers and sisters and from God.

Again, the belief in separation is an illusion. It is not grounded in fact but rather in the ego’s interpretation of perception. We are free to choose to ignore the ego – its arguments, its pleas, its threats and empty promises. We are not victims of circumstance, as ego suggests, but rather minds that can choose – again and again and again as necessary – to remember they are not separate from the Mind which brings them forth as thought itself.

Please remember: this remembering does not change the world – our job does not suddenly become a permanent vacation, our hearts do not suddenly turn into prisms that know nothing but Light. But we do experience the world through a lens of joy and peace, which is the Holy Spirit’s gift to us. And this experience is both vastly relaxing and deeply creative.

There is no healing unto which we are not equal.

Thus, Lesson 180 reminds us to look beyond the surface of experience, beyond the endless appearances that comprise the world, and to see instead the Truth beyond all of it – which Truth is the truth of our own being, perfectly reflecting our capacity to choose to remember only Love.

We are not separate beings, each struggling to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world, forever set against one another in desperate combat and competition. Rather, we are all connected in the Mind of God which forever extends itself in us.

Our function is to awaken to the truth of our being, and to remember our divine nature. As the Course puts it, we remember that we are called to accept the atonement for ourselves (T-2.V.5:1) and in that way become capable of loving in a loveless place (T-14.IV.4:10).

Lesson 180 reminds us that every moment is ripe with possibility. We can choose to see the world through the lens of separation, or ego, or we can choose to see the world through Christ Vision, which is the lens of Love, which is the Holy Spirit’s gift to us.

When we choose to see through the Divine Lens of Love, we open ourselves up to the miracles that are present in each and every moment. We become vessels of love and light, and our healing cannot be limited to a body or relationship. The absence of exceptions is what Love is.

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