A Course in Miracles Lesson 201

I trust all my brothers who are one with me.

A Course in Miracles is a twig on the branch of the Christian tree that deals with nonduality. We are not separate from God, nor from our brothers and sisters, nor from anything else in Creation – blue whales, violets, black holes, quasars.

Our remembrance of this oneness – and our ability to sustainably hold it in awareness – depends on remembering that we are not bodies because bodies are limits and what God creates cannot be limited.

Today, we pray on oneness and lift into awareness, to let it rest there like a sun all day, its light suffusing us with peace and happiness. We need to do nothing to bring this oneness forth; its purity and innocence are beyond our capacity to injure or impair.

Our work is not to force remembrance into experience, but rather to open our minds to possibility, to empty them of all thoughts that would block God’s Love, and shadow the light in which all appearances – including life – have their being.

Our focus is on a glad heart and an open mind, which together – in God’s time and according to God’s plan – reveal our true self, which revelation IS the revalation of oneness.

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