A Course in Miracles Lesson 225

God is my Father, and His Son loves Him.

Lessons 224 and 225 are a kind of dyad, the one bringing forth the other, in a cycle of endless creation. God loves me, and I love God. And, because “giving and receiving are one,” there is in truth only one love (W-pII.225.1:1).

In the action of love – in loving – the form of the giver and the receiver are undone. It is rest that we seek, and the rest is given when we realize that we ARE what we seek. This long spiritual journey – this dark night of the soul, this lonesome valley, this Via Dolosa – was all an illusion.

We who are one with God can neither leave God nor return to God. These lessons – indeed, the whole structure and content of A Course in Miracles – are merely “steps which end a journey that was not begun” (W-pII.225.2:5).

In practice (which for a little while longer is our method and our mode), this means giving attention to our desire to know God. We want to reach the well of Love; we want to see the Face of the Lord and live; we want to come unto the Source of all being.

Where does that want live? How does it appear? What does it ask of me? How do I know?

I don’t want to do anything with these inquiries! I don’t want to say, well, I am going to shout from the rooftop my love for God. Or I am going to wear sackcloth as evidence of my love.

I am not going to become invested in the so-called answers to those inquiries.

Rather, I am going to open my mind and heart to the desire itself, and I am going to see what happens. I am going to become still and quiet, giving myself to the experience which has no name and cannot be contained in language.

The words and the activity will come later. We aren’t giving anything up; we aren’t giving anything away. We are simply offering ourselves to the love that is inherent, that is given, that is in us but not of us.

When we know it, it is a source of rest and joy. It is a source of peace. There is no doubt in it, and no uncertainty. It does not leave us and we cannot leave it, because it is us.

And if we do not remember that Love today, we remind ourselves it is not a crime against God or nature to be confused. This isn’t a race to be won. We are not here to persuade a judge to take our side. If in this breath I do not remember that God’s Name and mine are one, then in the next breath I will.

And if not in that breath, then the next.

Our confidence arises not out of our own supposed strength and devotion, but out of our relationship with Jesus, who has heard our cry for help and pledged to never abandon us (W-pII.225.2:4).

We are in this together, and our companions are mighty. For this alone, we can be grateful. Our gratitude allows us to perceive, however dimly, the “kindly light, inviolate, beloved” (W-pII.225.1:2) that IS our shared identity in Christ, who is the Father, who is Love Itself, in which even the idea of journeying ends.

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