A Course in Miracles Lesson 231

Father, I will but to remember You.

We are seekers who do not know what we seek. Therefore, we are wanderers who are lost in the world, without focus or direction. We are haunted by a longing for holiness and for wholeness. We perceive ourselves as incomplete and thus seek for what we imagine will complete us.

But our perception is flawed, and the flaw extends into everything we think and do, which means everything we look for and everything we find cannot be that which is actually missing. We never question the premise. We never ask, what is really missing? What do I really need?

We never ask: am I mistaken when I think that something is missing?

That is the condition in which A Course in Miracles finds us, or we find it, and begin the slow process of giving attention not to the external search for answers but to the interior question. We ask: what is really missing? What do I really need? Is it possible these are not the best questions?

All of which sugar out as: what am I in truth?

The answer is: a Child of God whose only function is to remember their Creator, which is also the remembrance of Creation Itself.

Yet is Your Love the only thing I see, or ever sought. For there is nothing else that I could ever really want to find. Let me remember You. What else could I desire but the truth about mysef (W-pII.231.1:3-6)?

It’s helpful to see the connection explicitly drawn in that prayer: to seek God’s Love – and to remember God-as-Love – is know the truth about what we are. When we remember what we are in truth, then our seeking ends because what we are in truth is not missing anything. How could it? It is God’s Creation, and God does not create partially or in error.

Therefore, what is missing is simply the knowledge that nothing is missing because of what we are. Moreover, it is our shared will to remember this together, because there is only God’s Will. We do not need to add anything to the present moment. We do not need to substitute ideas about reality or love or self-and-other for reality, love and relationship. Everything is given, perfectly and wholly. All we need to do is give attention to it.

When we understand that there is only Holy Relationship – and it is with God and excludes nothing – then specialness naturally ends and we are restored together to Heaven, which is the condition of Creation when it no longer fosters thoughts of separation and division. Therefore, our one need is remember our Creator, in Whose Mind we live and create accordingly.

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