A Course in Miracles Lesson 33

There is another way of looking at the world.

Because we invent the world, we can choose to see it differently. We can opt to frame it in new lights that bring forth aspects or tones that make us and others happier. Because we have the same power of creation as our Creator, we can choose love instead of fear.

And so we turn our attention to the world that we see – the outer world and the inner world – and we gently remind ourselves that there is another way of looking at it all.

It is important to give attention to this lesson without trying to jump ahead – to wanting to see it differently now. This lesson builds on previous ones, and its emphasis is on becoming aware of our power of choice which is what brings forth the possibility of healing.

Later lessons will teach us how to wield this choice; today’s asks us merely to become comfortable with its existence.

The lesson also emphasizes casualness. This is an important insight into our learning process. A Course in Miracles is not asking us to be spiritual superheroes or giants. It is not about who practices the hardest or the longest or the most intensely.

It is a gentle, self-directed curriculum that asks nothing of us that we cannot give, and allows us considerable flexibility in the pace and intensity of the learning experience.

Thus, it is important to be patient and forgiving with ourselves, and to meet ACIM where we are and allow the relationship to evolve according to the calm confidence of Spirit rather than ego. Merely show up and let what happens happen.

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