A Course in Miracles Lesson 40

I am blessed as a Child of God.

As creations of a living God we are entitled happiness. This is God’s Will for us, and we share that will. Thus the unconditional promise of A Course in Miracles that its goal for us is “happiness and peace” (T-13.II.7:1). Anything less is unreal.

God established His relationship with you to make you happy, and nothing you do that does not share His purpose can be real . . . For nothing God created is apart from happiness, and nothing God created but would extend happiness as its Creator did. Whatever does not fulfill this function cannot be real (T-17.IV.1:1, 6-7).

In the world we have made to obscure our identity creation – to love as God loves, without separation – is impossible but happiness is not (T-17.IV.2:1).

Thus, we are capable of experiencing – through sharing in relationshipunmitigated joy, and this experience is the closest we can come to knowing God as Love on this side of the dream.

Lesson forty of A Course in Miracles aims to introduce us to this joy in a realized way by emphasizing the blessing that naturally inheres in us as creations of a living loving God. What are the attributes of a Child of God? Are they kind, loving, peaceful, quiet, patient and generous?

Then go ahead and apply those attributes to yourself. Know yourself in those attributes. Be yourself in those attributes.

The lesson also steers clear of deep dives into mind in favor of quick and consistent reminders of what we are in truth. These reminders are to take “little time and no effort” (W-pI.40.3:1). We are closer to a pep talk – to being coached by Jesus and the Holy Spirit – than to the psychoanalytic model of healing which the workbook has been emphasizing thus far.

This lesson is an invitation to be fully happy in the context of the dream we made in order to avoid happiness altogether. It asks us to gaze directly at the weak and vulnerable self depicted by ego and challenge it. We are not that; we are something else which cannot be harmed nor asked to sacrifice in any way. The lesson contemplates a direct experience of that “something else” which is, of course, our identity as Children of God.

So lesson forty subtly opens our mind to healing by allowing into the dream a joy and peace that undoes the dream. In essence, we are being asked to surrender the body-bound, earth-bound self to God as is.

This is the little part you think stole from Heaven. Give it back to Heaven. Heaven has not lost it, but you have lost sight of Heaven (T-18.IX.1:6-8).

In this lesson, by accepting another judgment of us, we regain a faint hint of Heaven. We take an enormous stride into the waiting arms of Christ, the light of awareness in which God restores us to the fullness of Love.

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  1. After L39 I went back to 37 and 38 again for a few days. Not because I felt I hadn’t done them very well but I knew I was skimming something, there was something to hear that I wasn’t truly listening to. Like a call in the distance half heard. What can I hear? It’s almost like someone laughing; this isn’t so serious, this is light, be light about this. And now L40 for a few days. I keep forgetting to do it. Every 10 minutes? Really? Surely not possible all day, I can’t help but fail? I peeked a look at 41. Then I thought I’d check what you had to say. So I’m staying another day with 40. It’s such an easy one. Such an easy request. Why would I get distracted from something so pleasant as to remind myself I am complete, I am peaceful, I am safe, I am calm, I am here? Another day of practice then. It’s not an exam, it’s a practice. Thanks Sean 🙂

    1. Hi Annie,

      That sense of “skimming” – being aware of it – is so helpful. I notice in myself sometimes a willingness to be casual, to stay at the surface level, the relative level. And it is okay in the sense that nothing bad is going to happen – we aren’t taking a test here – but it is also nice to give oneself to the course whole-heartedly, all our attention, as much as we can.

      I have been reading a bit of Tara Singh lately – a book called Love Holds No Grievances and he points out that there is a change – a giving of attention – that we must come to, and that nobody else can do it.

      No excuses for postponing the only action that each person has to take. Then everything gets corrected. We need to know this, otherwise nothing will work. Unless God is your first love, nothing will work (54).

      It is so helpful to see that – very clear, very simple – and the way is before us. Like you are saying: we can listen for the Voice of God and it is there, it calls us, it reminds us of our perfection and how nothing remains to be accomplished.

      Thank you for reading and sharing, Annie. I am grateful.


      1. Thank you for posting this quote by Tara Singh – it changed my day!! (Backstory) Had an interaction with a family member that brought my ego out to running amuck in my head, and I knew it was. Thought I had gotton past reacting to these things, so clearly lesson not fully learned. Pulled up this lesson #40 and couldn’t even get through the video. Finally after coming back to it 3 times, I got through reading the lesson and then read the comments. Saw this quote, looked up the book, read it and a prayer later I was at peace. Love how this all connects. (… and I will now be reading all his books).

        1. Thanks, Julia. Tara Singh was and is a true gift in my learning. His clarity and inner peace are so tangible, reading him often feels like having him right on hand, answering my questions, directing my energies. And I hear you on having to come back to the lessons. Ego is serious! And always reminds us of the need to be vigilant. Enjoy reading Taraji . . .

          ~ Sean

          P.S. Yes . . . the connections are a trip, a true Indra’s Web gently leading us to the realization that it’s not that everything is connected but that there is only one thing 🙂

  2. I just love that when I have a question about a lesson I can come here! Thank you.

    Lesson 40 should have been so easy but I was just having a hard time with “as a Son of God”. In my mind I was drawn to use “as a Child of God”… and what do I see here? You are using “Child of God” 😊


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