A Course in Miracles Lesson 59

The body’s eyes see illusions because they are illusions. Like begets like. To the body, the world will always be real because body and world arise together, the one bringing the other forth.

But we are not bodies. This is not to suggest that what the body’s eyes see needs to be denigrated or denied. Let it be what it is, so that we might better remember our fundamental perfection as creations of a loving God.

Let me be willing to exchange my pitiful illusion of seeing for the vision that is given by God. Christ’s Vision is His Gift, and He has given it to me. Let me call upon this gift today, so that this day may help me to understand eternity (W-pI.59.2:4-6).

Vision is unrestrained by the body which is always a limit. Vision is not subject to time and space. It does not have dimensions. It is God’s Will creating in us as we are created in It.

I can see what God wants me to see. I cannot see anything else. Beyond His Will lie only illusions (W-pI.59.3:3-5).

The decision that we make is not see with or as God. Rather, it is to not see any other way. That is, our work is to release that which blocks the free flow of Love in us. The Love Itself already flows as a condition of what it is.

As we surrender our insistence on our own sight – which includes our own definitions and organization and systemics – we begin to understand the perfect clarity and uninterruptible oneness of Christ’s Vision.

Now it is given me to understand that God is the light in which I see. Let me welcome vision and the happy world it will show me (W-pI.59.4:6-7).

This happiness is assured; it is the so-called endgame of our journey through A Course in Miracles. Because we one with God, we cannot think apart from God (W-pI.59.5:3). Thus, our thoughts are God’s thoughts and God’s Thoughts are ours (W-pI.59.5:4). Where is the separation now?

Grace and divine equanimity attend us when we attend A Course in Miracles as serious students committed to remembering our shared identity with our Creator. We become happy, not in a delirious or excitable way, but in a quiet way that naturally extends to all our brothers and sisters. The calm we bring forth in others is our calm; and by seeing it in others, we remember it is ours.

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