A Course in Miracles Lesson 59

The lessons contained in this review all aim at a simple truth: the separation never happened. It isn’t real. We aren’t apart from God in any way. He is our strength, our source and the light in which we truly see. Where we go, God goes. God is the very mind with which we think.

I like these lessons. I like their confidence, their certainty. They don’t equivocate – they don’t say God is with us sometimes. It’s total immersion. The separation – the silly idea by which the ego rules our lives – is a lie.

Yet our experience is often different, isn’t it? We have good days and bad days. We make progress and then fall back. Some people are good and others a challenge. Even the Course seems to shift and evolve – leading us up the ladder to Heaven one day, spinning us in circles the next. What gives? If God is so entirely and utterly present to us, why do we struggle so?

I think it’s because God is so abstract – it’s such a big idea that it’s hard to wrap our thinking around. We can’t really do it. This is why the lessons almost always include a deeply practical application. They’re meant to help us right here in the world, right where we are, with whatever conflicts we happen to face at a given time. We just look very simply and honestly at our experience and how we are thinking. Nothing is off limits. No private thoughts.

When we do this, one of the things that we eventually learn is that we don’t have problems “out there.” And so fixing things “out there” isn’t going to fix anything. Our problem is with how we think. We have to change our minds. There is literally nothing else to do.

The lessons we are looking at today are reminders that both the way and the end are sure. We can deny God and we can delay our awakening but we cannot eliminate God. We can’t make God not God. There is great comfort in that.


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