A Course in Miracles Lesson 74

There is no will but God’s.

This is a simple but deeply satisfying lesson of A Course in Miracles. As it points out, if it’s true – and if we accept its truth – then all conflict is over. Period. And in the absence of conflict, there is only peace. And so if we can grasp this lesson – if we can bring it into application – then we have it. We’re awake. We are one.

Awakening is a perceptual correction. This is very important! We operate on the basis of our bodily senses. We trust them. And they only give us new data when the external forces that feed them are changed. So we have this very innate and habitual reliance on the external. We believe that it has to change in order for us to change. But A Course in Miracles – like many other spiritual and religious belief systems – invites us to have a new experience, in which we identify not with our bodies but with the Holy Spirit, which is in our minds.

When we are able to make that identification, we naturally let go of a lot of the investment and expectation that surround the body and its experience. By extension, we also relax our investment and expectation of the world. It’s not that the body or the world go anywhere, but that we begin to experience them differently. They are no longer the primary mode of our experience. We are no longer identified with them.

One thing we can say about the Holy Spirit, is that it is deeply relaxed. It is not stressed out over what to become or how to become. So when we are identified with it, we naturally benefit from that relaxation. There’s room to breathe and simply be aware of experience, without having to define it or shape it or resist it or encourage it. It’s a nice feeling, a peaceful one. And it’s in that space that we begin to appreciate that there is no will but God’s.

For me, this happens by paying attention. To be in the Kingdom is simply to focus one’s full attention on it. So I relax into my awareness. That’s all. And when I do that, I can see that I didn’t make the clouds or the wind that moves them across the sky. I do make trees grow. I don’t make the cardinal’s feathers vivid red and the blue jay’s a striking blue. The breath that rises and falls in me and in my dog and in my children does not need my support or assistance.

There is in all things a simple functioning energy that infuses all things and yet transcends them. It is. And that is God’s will. We are that will. The grass is. The chair that we sit in is. All of it. When we see it, when we feel it, we can relax into that. There is nothing else then to do. We are being lifted and carried and it is very gentle, very kind. We see that all things work for good. We can let go of judgment, let go of our need to interpret, let go of our need to be active. Creation proceeds apace and we are in it. It is happening in us and we are happening in it.

This can sound very esoteric, but that’s a reflection of my poor writing skills. Simply pay attention! Be aware and feel the way in which your awareness is natural and happens automatically. Relax into your experience of being aware. Don’t worry about your thoughts, which come and go, take this form and then that one. It is okay to be happy! I think that is the great unspoken lesson of the Course. Be happy! Truly happy!

And know that, because God’s will is all there is, true happiness is nothing more than awareness of that will. When you know that it’s all there is, you can’t help but find it because where would everything hide? How can anything be lost in that which is all? One is not segmented, but one. We are all of us right now home in God. Nothing can obstruct that union but our willingness to delay recognition. Why wait?

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