A Course in Miracles Lesson 78

Let miracles replace all grievances.

When I started this project – working my way in writing through both the text and the workbook – I began, naturally enough, with the first miracle principle. In that post, I noted that a miracle is an expression of love. Grievances are fear-based and guilt-based, and they are expressions of hatred, regardless of their form. This lesson is a plea that love replace fear.

Most interesting is the phrasing of it – we are letting something happen. We aren’t actually making anything happen. This is important. We are always apt to believe that some contribution is required of us. The egoic mind is happy to entertain awakening so long as we keep a place for it! What can I do? But this lesson – as those before and after it in this sequence – upend that notion. We show up and the rest is handled for us. It’s not what we do at all. It’s what is done in us by that power that we call God.

That still feels so alien to me! Or rather, I can manage it on little things – like taking a bad weather day in stride, or the pizzeria being out of roasted eggplant – but when I scale up . . . it’s harder. What helps is remembering that I’m not in charge. If the end is sure, all that really matters is my decision to accept it. That’s all. I can wait or I can wake up. Assuming that miracles are contingent on size – the little things vs. the big things – is just a means of postponement. It’s just the same old resistance.

Seeing that, I come back to the lesson. I remind myself of the times that miracles have replaced grievances. And I say it over and over: Let miracles replace all grievances. Let me be that willing. If I sit with it long enough, some peace creeps in. I can feel it.

That’s what my practice looks like as a student of A Course in Miracles. More and more it’s just time spent sitting quietly, practicing awareness, making space for the Holy Spirit in my life. There’s some simplification at work. I can feel the energy of God alive in the air, in me and in all things. It’s not a big deal. It’s just very calm and very peaceful. I am learning how to be in that space – to be aware of that energy.

Miracles will replace all our grievances – the seeming big ones and the seeming tiny ones. All we have to do is be available for the transformation. We show up. We pay attention. We let that which is God handle it. And it works. It really does.

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