A Course in Miracles Lesson 86

Only God’s plan for salvation will work.

Holding grievances is an attack on God’s plan for salvation.

It’s funny. Yesterday’s review was very much singing “me me me.” And today we seem to skid to a halt with that tune, replacing it with “God God God.”

It’s always nice to sing “God God God.”

But it’s also nice – important even – to remember that what we are in truth and what God is are not separated. We – you, me and God – are the same. There aren’t a bunch of minds coming together as one. There is one mind. We are just remembering that. That’s all.

One way to hold that in mind is to focus on God and God’s plan. The metaphysics can feel a bit twisted here, but they’re actually quite simple. It’s not the you that God created that resists truth – that wants to substitute its plan for salvation for God’s. It’s the ego – the egoic self, the false self.

Today’s review is essentially distinguishing between what we are in truth – the light of the world, blessed Creations of a blessed Creator (what we talked about yesterday) – and what the ego is. The ego has its own agenda, its own plan. Its plan revolves in part around grievances. It’s a grievance collector.

Grievances are attacks on the Holy Instant, on the present, because they cherish the past. Not only are they focused on the past, but they are a perception of the past tha sees a brother or sister’s errors. And grievances are deeply invested in the self as a body, struggling and stumbling through a world of pain and confusion.

It is not possible to clear a space for the calm light of grace when we are torn by old hatreds.

All this review aims to do is remind us of that. It wants to make the stakes clear. We cannot make the progress we desire – we cannot remember that we have not left God – if we are not vigilant against the ego’s habit of slipping its own agenda in over God’s, and of using grievances to distract us from the beautiful healing present.

Salvation is present the moment we choose it. Time and space end in that choice. We are not earning anything, or making anything, or traveling to faroff lands to reclaim something. It’s here and it’s now. The miracle is always returning us to that moment – when we choose God instead of hell.

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