A Course in Miracles Lesson 89

I am entitled to miracles.

Let miracles replace all grievances.

Few lessons seem to enjoy the general popularity of Lesson 77. We are always happy to be reminded that we are entitled to miracles. I think some of the enthusiasm springs from a general (and entirely understandable) confusion about what miracles are, but that’s okay. Anything that inspires us to pay attention and work the course – and let the course work us – is a good thing.

One way to define a miracle is to call it a pause in our traditional thinking. Our thoughts are humming along in their ego-centered way and the miracle stops that train. It’s as if for a moment time ceases and we are able to see clearly. What do we see? That we are listening to the ego. That we are choosing to listen to the ego. And that we are perfectly empowered to listen to the Holy Spirit who speaks for oneness.

Another way to think of this lesson is that we are entitled to be reminded that in truth we are one with God and that a means exists and is readily available to facilitate this remembering.

It follows, then, that our so-called normal thinking – that which flows from listening to and heeding the ego – is composed of grievances. Grievances maintain separation because they break the world and our brothers and sisters into fragments. We find fault with people. We find fault with institutions. We find fault with belief systems – be they political, economic, religious or psychological. To grieve is to organize – to arrange these fragments into what we deceptively call a whole.

We are always working with the material of grievances, and nothing good at all can come of it. Grievances beget more grievances and so our loneliness and our sadness and our fear and our guilt and our anger just multiply and widen. The whole world of our perception is founded on this grief and we are all reaping its murderous harvest.

Nor can we stop this on our own. It is so important to see this and to accept it. I don’t think we can make any progress at all with A Course in Miracles until we come to realize the depth of the ego – its viciousness, its tenacity, its subtlety. A lot of students quit or go into a holding pattern rather than come to terms with this fact. It is so discouraging. It appears to be so hopeless, a fight that can only be won by spiritual giants.

But it’s when we come to terms with the nature of the conflict that we finally embrace miracles. We stop wanting a better job or a better body or a better social circle or a better partner. We start to long for true release. And then the miracles begin to flow. More and more our thinking is interrupted and we glimpse Heaven. We see that we aren’t trapped, that we aren’t powerless, that we aren’t without great aid. And so we begin to long for the miracle. And our longing is like a magnet – the miracles keep coming and we nurture the conditions that give rise to them and pretty soon they are not exceptions but something more natural. Our thinking is literally changed. There is more space – more gaps – between our thoughts. We are more aware.

This review has great potential. It truly enables us to reach deep and see the ego as it is. This right seeing is a precedent to the healing power of the miracle. We need them. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to work with our minds and bring them into accord with Heavenly thinking. Resolve today to open the door a little wider. Find your little willingness and offer it up. The rewards are great.

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