A Course in Miracles Lesson 98

A Course in Miracles Lesson 98

This lesson offers us a view of what is possible for students of the course. It describes a state of peace that is not just an ideal but is attainable and real.

The guiltless have no fear, for they are safe and recognize their safety. They do not appeal to magic, nor invent escapes from fancied threats without reality. They rest in quiet certainty that they will do what is given them to do. They do not doubt their own ability because they their function will be filled completely in the perfect time and place (W-pI.98.3:1-4).

It is like we are being show in this lesson what is possible – and more than that, we are being asked if we are ready to assume that level of peace and helpfulness right now. Faith is the hallmark of the guiltless. But if you see what is being offered to you today, then you will see that faith is also the hallmark of God. This lesson expresses complete confidence that you are going to become guiltless – now if you would like and if not, then some day to come. That is faith. That is trust. It is flowing to us. It is important to see this.

You can get a feel for the time envisioned by the course, too – that the plan for salvation isn’t about being completed by next Thursday or in time to watch the baseball game or whatever.

While those as yet unborn will hear the call we heard, and answer it when they have come to make their choice again. We do not choose but for ourselves today ((W-pI.98.4:3-4).

The scope is vast! And that should comfort us. We feel a lot of pressure as course students – I have to get this right. I have to do it now. So-and-so says in their book that they got it in two years. What’s wrong with me?

We all know that energy. And it’s not helpful. What this lesson implies is that we can let it go. We can relax into our practice and allow it to unfold in God’s time. We aren’t in charge, you know? The ego would like it to be otherwise – and it is quite diligent and vigilant in trying to be the boss – but it can’t affect what is already perfect. It can’t tweak the truth.

So we can breathe. And we can say – cautiously, nervously, uncertainly, softly – that we are going to accept our part in God’s plan for salvation. It is a gentle movement, this acceptance. And it is scary. If you don’t feel the fear, wait a while – it will show up in a few months or a few years. Accepting that we are part of God’s plan is the undoing of the self – all our plans and hopes and dreams. A time comes when you’re just relieved to let it all go. It is truly liberating to simply let go and let God. But for most of us it happens by degrees over a long – maybe an incredibly long – period of time.

All these lessons aim to do is bring us closer to God – closer to the truth of God and thus the truth of us. It’s not complicated but there are forces within us – habits and routines and opinions and so forth – that make it seem difficult indeed. So we have to take it easy! We have to do the best we can and keep going. We have to lay our expectations aside. We have to remember and hold dear that we have undertaken a transformation – a task – that is not of us. And perhaps most importantly – we are not doing it alone.

4 thoughts on “A Course in Miracles Lesson 98”

  1. Sean,
    Seems like you are taking a dreamy approach to this lesson.
    It is feeling in me like a call to arms. I’m going to spend my 5 sacred minutes with God every hour.
    I’ll let you know how it goes.

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for reading & sharing some thoughts. I never thought of it as a dreamy approach but what do I know! I’m glad you hear the lesson as a call to arms. I think that sense of urgency can be very important in breaking through the casualness that often infects our study and practice. Please don’t feel that I think my approach or opinion is better or more helpful than any other – in general, the Course seems to meet serious students where they are and to offer them as much insight as they manage at that point in their process. I’m learning, too. And of course, I’d be delighted if you want to report back on your sacred time with God. Please do!

      Thanks again for being here.


  2. Your blog is one of the blogs which I enjoy reading every day. I like to read the different insights to the Course lessons! Blessings to you, Jamie

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