A Course in Miracles: What are Miracles?

Miracles are shifts in perception away from fear and towards love. Miracles are specific. They are responsive to our perception of separation, uniting our will to heal (however faint) with God’s Knowledge that there is nothing to heal and never was.

Miracles emphasize the role mind plays in creating reality; when mind updates its false perceptions and beliefs, it produces experiences of love that naturally undo fear. They do this by aligning our thinking and will with universal principles of love and forgiveness which, together, are God’s Will.

Thus, miracles are experiences within the broader experience of separation which reveal the illusion of separation by making obvious our shared interest in Love. By making this shared interest increasingly obvious, miracles unite us with our brothers and sisters, further fostering the conditions by which healing occurs.

This is a step away – maybe a whole journey away – from the traditional Christian understanding of miracle. In traditional expressions of Christianity, miracles are extraordinary events that defy the laws of nature, thereby testifying to the power of God and His willingness to intervene in our lives.

On that view, miracles are often considered signs of God’s power and presence and even His favor. They validate the faith of believers and witness unto the authority of the one who enacts the miracle. The quintessential example is Jesus walking on water, healing lepers and raising Lazarus from the dead.

In A Course in Miracles, miracles heal the mind that believes it is separate from God and Creation. What happens after that in the world of form is beside the point. And miracles are for everybody who wants them – there is nothing special about them at all, beside the joy and peace they naturally bring forth.

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