What Does Abundance Mean?

Before I began to practice A Course of Miracles, I accepted without question that one could measure their spiritual wellness by virtue of external conditions. What does abundance mean? A new age dynamic blend of spiritual health and wellness. Or something like that. And secretly – even though I actively campaigned against this idea inContinue reading “What Does Abundance Mean?”

A Course in Miracles Fraud

Yesterday, while searching online for some information about ACIM teachers – I am trying to better appreciate and understand what prompts people to charge money for “teaching” ACIM – I ran into two articles that threw me for a loop, distracting me from the love that is our fundament. The first was over at EWTN whichContinue reading “A Course in Miracles Fraud”

A Course in Miracles: Our Special Function

A critical aspect of our study and practice of A Course in Miracles revolves around discovering and bringing into application our special function as miracle workers. How we do this will vary in form, but the fundamental content remains the same: we are always asserting the guiltlessness of God’s children (T-14.V.2:1) As a student ofContinue reading “A Course in Miracles: Our Special Function”

Are Arten and Pursah Real?

The question of whether Arten and Pursah are real often comes up in relation to questions about whether Gary Renard is a fraud. His writing revolves around Arten and Pursah’s teaching; his ACIM practice is intimately connected to their appearance and his relationship with them. Is it possible he made them up? And what happensContinue reading “Are Arten and Pursah Real?”

Reading: John Beavin’s “The Parable of the Stars”

One of the more interesting – and challenging – aspects of being a Course in Miracles student is my desire to share it. It’s not an inherently bad impulse at all, but if I’m not careful in the application it can be a bit tricky. For example, a lot of my close friends and peopleContinue reading “Reading: John Beavin’s “The Parable of the Stars””