Forgiveness (With A Lower Case F)

I have been thinking a great deal lately about forgiveness with a lowercase f. I mean the ordinary – the traditional – experience of forgiveness. Of accepting apologies, letting grudges go, and moving on with our brothers and sisters. That is a different understanding of forgiveness than that espoused by A Course in Miracles (whichContinue reading “Forgiveness (With A Lower Case F)”

On Charging Money and A Course in Miracles

In the consideration about whether and how to expand my teaching in the ACIM community, money was always the biggest stumbling block. Is it fair to charge for spiritual-related services? Isn’t money distracting at best and downright evil at worst? For me, money is that symbol – that illusion – wherein the separation from GodContinue reading “On Charging Money and A Course in Miracles”

Healing Wrong Perception

One of the salient qualities of the ego is its perennial dissatisfaction. No matter what happens, it wants something else. This is an example of what A Course in Miracles calls “wrong perception” or “misperception.” Healing it is a major focus of miracles (T-1.I.49:2). A miracle is a correction introduced into false thinking . .Continue reading “Healing Wrong Perception”

Radical Equality: A Spiritual Cornerstone

A Course in Miracles will not long tolerate our habit of self-debasement. If you glance at the table of contents in the workbook, you will see that one of its themes is our holiness and our loveliness and our perfection. We are blessed as children of God and our denial of this truth benefits nobody.Continue reading “Radical Equality: A Spiritual Cornerstone”