About Calling It A Course in Miracles . . .

I was walking with a friend recently, snowy back roads at twilight. While our spiritual paths are different, our general sense of what it means to be spiritual – what the goals are, what the work is, what the results are – is quite similar. Our talks are almost always fruitful. We were talking aboutContinue reading “About Calling It A Course in Miracles . . .”

On Loving the Intellect

In a footnote in Up from Eden, Ken Wilber observes that one element of his reservations about Hegel – who he otherwise considers a “towering genius” combining “transcendent insight with mental genius” – is that Hegel had no yoga, no “reproducible technique of transcendence” (638, 641). To me, that is an interesting criticism. It suggestsContinue reading “On Loving the Intellect”

Learning Love Through Service

There is value in thinking about kindness – general, simple ordinary kindness. Helping shovel the walk, listening carefully to other people’s stories and questions, paying for lunch, offering up compliments, sharing experience. Doing this is a form of service to our brothers and sistersĀ and to our own self. We learn love through service. “Thinking” inContinue reading “Learning Love Through Service”

Right, Wrong and A Course in Miracles

I think often of my early experience with A Course in Miracles: my investment in being right about it, in taking the right stands, siding with the right wave of opinion, and so forth. That’s natural enough, in the sense that it’s judgmental and harsh, which is how we have learned to perceive and function.Continue reading “Right, Wrong and A Course in Miracles”