Rejoice: Notes on ACIM Lesson 41

These are my notes for a recent Sunday discussion group. If you are interested in joining, let me know. In Lesson 41 I want to look first at the first paragraph, and bring our attention to certain words in it. I’m often critical of the pompous and obtuse language of A Course in Miracles, butContinue reading “Rejoice: Notes on ACIM Lesson 41”

Review Period VI: ACIM Workbook

We have now completed the first 200 lessons of A Course in Miracles. Their cumulative lesson – which they have emphasized in various forms, over and over – is simply that we are not bodies, and there is no world, and that together, these statements form a single truth, the recognition of which is ourContinue reading “Review Period VI: ACIM Workbook”

A Course in Miracles Lesson 198

Only my condemnation injures me. The power of belief is such that we can believe that we are vulnerable to injury; the evidence that we do believe this is evident in our condemnation of our brothers and sisters. They are dangerous, aggressive, selfish, and untrustworthy. And yet, we receive what we offer. As we condemnContinue reading “A Course in Miracles Lesson 198”

A Course in Miracles Lesson 196

It can be but myself I crucify. This is a more acute phrasing of the standard ACIM teaching that the secret to salvation is that we are doing this – causing suffering by accepting the ego’s interpretation of self and world – to ourselves (T-27.VIII.10:1). The great lie of projection is that we can avoidContinue reading “A Course in Miracles Lesson 196”

Rethinking our Function: ACIM Lesson 186

A Course in Miracles revolves around the idea that salvation – ours and the world’s – is found in our ability to recognize and embrace our true identity as extensions of God in Creation, which identity is far beyond the ego’s limited perception. On this view, the statement “salvation of the world depends on me”Continue reading “Rethinking our Function: ACIM Lesson 186”