Birds, Coffee and Void: Last Thoughts

But all this is silliness. I enjoy being outdoors in the morning listening to birds. I enjoy the light of dawn: its shy secretive blue, its slow but steady reveal of the world. I love coffee, even bad coffee. No more than all this! And no less either. No mysteries. No secrets. Just this. ThisContinue reading “Birds, Coffee and Void: Last Thoughts”

Listening to Birds with Jesus in the Void

Less poetically. Less biographically. As a matter of experience – lived experience prior to settling into this or that language or mode of expression (science, philosophy, advaita, historical et cetera et cetera et cetera) – what happens when you listen to the birds and to the silence in which their song appears? As an exercise,Continue reading “Listening to Birds with Jesus in the Void”

On Awareness, Doubt, Socratic Dialogue, and Love

As human beings we are aware and we are aware that we are aware and this reflects a single unified awareness. Your awareness of a tree and your awareness of your awareness of a tree are the same awareness. To some people this seems obvious. But I think it’s actually not. We have – asContinue reading “On Awareness, Doubt, Socratic Dialogue, and Love”