Nonduality, A Course in Miracles and What We Are In Truth

I don’t know how it happened for you – finding and committing to A Course in Miracles. And I don’t know what happened when you did. All we can ever do is share about our own experience, being as clear and honest as possible, always willing to learn something new. For me, I was searchingContinue reading “Nonduality, A Course in Miracles and What We Are In Truth”

Your Dream of Nothing is Nothing to God

The cosmos exists because you are asleep and dreaming (T-10.I.2:1). When you wake up the cosmos will no longer exist and since you are part of the cosmos, you will no longer exist either. And since you no longer exist, there will be no memory of any dream. The cosmos is merely what nothing wouldContinue reading “Your Dream of Nothing is Nothing to God”

Attention Undoes the Dream which Hides Awareness

I wrote a newsletter recently about not over-indulging metaphysical inquiry. A Course in Miracles makes all kinds of claims about reality and while it’s sometimes useful to understand what those claims are, we are not called to defend or attack them. Our ACIM practice is not about winning an ontological argument but rather seeing throughContinue reading “Attention Undoes the Dream which Hides Awareness”

Distinguishing Between Illusion and Hallucination

A hallucination is, I can put my hand through a chair because it’s not really there. There is no chair. But an illusion is, something is there but I am not seeing it. I’m seeing something else. I see a chair but it’s actually atoms. Or information. Or Jesus teaching me how to forgive theContinue reading “Distinguishing Between Illusion and Hallucination”