God and Mind and Asking Better Questions

What is the source of all this? How does it come about? Is there only God? Only Mind? Only Consciousness? Maybe many Gods? Many Gods being mind being universal consciousness? I have asked these and similar questions for a long time. In my spiritual and cultural circles, these types of questions consistently and regularly arise.Continue reading “God and Mind and Asking Better Questions”

Against Declarations of Oneness

We are not prohibited from making observations about experience. Obviously it lends itself to that phenomenon – talking about what shows up, judging it, interacting with it, ignoring it, et cetera. But this is not the same as being outside experience in order to evaluate it as a whole. Imagine I am on the danceContinue reading “Against Declarations of Oneness”

There is Nothing to Heal

It is not necessary to heal ourselves. It is necessary to give attention to what is broken and loveless where it is perceived. The distinction between what is external and internal will resolve itself without our intervention. Attention is merciful sustenance because it is nonjudgmental and incapable of division. Its perfection is clear and unhurried.Continue reading “There is Nothing to Heal”