If Love is the Answer

If we believe that Love is the answer, then our living should reflect this. If we are not happy all the time – if we are scared, defensive, greedy, closed-minded, even to a tiny degree – then we are still not accepting Love is the answer. We like the idea but not the application. It’s not a crime against God or Nature but there is a better way.

If we cannot fully accept that Love is the answer, it is because we are scared. We are scared of losing our self, of losing control, of losing life . . . and that’s not a fear we can really talk our way out of. It’s like quarry jumping – you can’t talk your way through the air into the water. You have to leap.

That’s an imperfect analogy, of course. It’s helpful to talk, share, build community, study, do therapy and so forth. It’s just that the actual experience of letting go of fear is not something we talk through – we live it. We let go – first for a second, then for a minute, then for a week. Then it becomes a practice; then it becomes the focal point of a life dedicated to peace.

A Course in Miracles is a way of doing this – of creating circumstances in which we can face the fear that obstructs our remembrance that Love is the answer and that God is Love.

Fear is not the problem; the problem is not looking at fear. But when we look at fear – when we can say, “I am scared and so I am projecting and spiraling” – that is different. That is healing; that is undoing ego. That’s helpful because it creates the conditions for and of peace.

It doesn’t always feel good to look at fear, especially when it’s deep-rooted and won’t dissolve right away. We want to feel good! But wanting to feel good is a projection – it’s the projection of a self that always feels good, that’s entitled to feel good. And we have to let that go! That, too, has to go. That, too, is a symbol of fear. Only when we are free of projection will we be free to remember that we are Love and know the peace that is our inheritance and the gift we extend to others.

Looking at fear is just a thing we do while there is fear to look at. There won’t always be. And this “looking” and the way in which is it is a form of healing will become increasingly intuitive for us; it will happen more and more without apparent effort or intention. So that’s something to look forward to :).

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  1. Hello Sean:

    I agree with some things you say above, but being happy all the time? No.

    A mature, wise and understanding spirituality neither demands nor expects human beings to live an imbalanced light where there is no feeling other than happiness. And telling people they are somehow not quite right or fully getting it if they don’t feel happy all the time may well serve to only reinforce greater feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, guilt & anxiety.

    It can make people feel like there is something wrong with them when it’s simply not true. We are not all at the same stage of development and evolution, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

    By its Nature, Love never forces, coerces, cajoles or demands anyone to do, be, or feel anything but what is in one’s authentic heart and soul.

    Love does not demand conformity. Love is always patient. Love is always kind. Love promises that our trust is not misplaced, even when life is pushing us to our limit, when we feel like we are breaking in the darkness.

    Love understands we are all actually suffering on some level right now because we are One dreaming as many, each and every one a divine human being experiencing embodied life in what is clearly a difficult and often cruel dimension.

    I prefer this analogy… Love is like the light from a Lighthouse guiding us safely home through stormy waters on our own unique healing journey, in our own good and perfect timing that only God knows and understands.

    This is God’s promise, even through the darkest of nights and dreams. There is no rush or hurry. Happiness comes and goes. Sadness too. It’s just part of each individuated soul’s unique process and expression.

    God knows us better than we know ourselves and that the fulfilment of our hearts is assured. And as we bring more of our light into the world, we help others find their way to do the same.

    If we simply try our best, that is enough.

    Here is an example of what I mean. When I performed a miracle of healing on the baby seagull, Jordan, (And that video is here on your blog – thank you again, see Miracle Principle 24 and the other 49 as well :), I collapsed afterwards, totally spent. I had absolutely no strength left in me. I wept uncontrollably, tears of sorrow that my time with this majestic winged angel of creation was over. My feelings then were far beyond words, but happiness was not solely what I felt. It was ineffable peace, gratitude, humility and awe at the truly unlimited power of my Father.

    Happiness is far, far from the only barometer of knowing Love is the Answer.

    Only God knows our true hearts, the depth of our love, our happiness, our joy, our suffering and our tears, which if we are being honest, have been many. As my favourite musician of all, Bruce Springsteen wrote, “Sad Eyes Never Lie.” It’s true.

    They are all beautiful and acceptable in His gracious and forgiving eyes.

    And I give thanks for that every day.


    1. “No” is such a lonely word 🙂

      A lot of this depends on how one defines happiness, which I do here.

      Also, I am a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, which is unconditionally clear that God wills us perfect happiness now (T-9.VII.1:8). This does mean that we have to do a lot of work in order to change our belief system, but it also means that happiness is our natural state. This is why the Holy Spirit needs a “happy learner” (T-14.II.1:1) and why happiness is the most effective measuring stick for our learning (T-14.II.1:2-3). Indeed, happines in the world of separation IS the condition of “knowledge in the Kingdom” (T-14.II.7:1).

      Nobody has to study and practice ACIM – there are many paths, none royal, some of which allow for meaningful suffering – but it has been a fruitful practice for me, one result of which is a happiness that is deeper and more sustainable than is possible on the world’s terms.

      Thanks, Paul. I’m looking to reading your substack.


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