Introduction to ACIM Lessons 180 – 200

The introduction to the next sequence of lessons makes clear that we are yet beginners. The goal is to reinforce our willingness to commit to A Course in Miracles, and to bring our “scattered goals” into unified intent, by recognizing what we truly value.

Inner peace and contentment arise because of this unified commitment. This matters! The Course is not asking us to be successful students but rather committed ones – that will bring us peace. That will make us happy.

It is as if the critical detail is our willingness to engage in the process of learning, rather than on measuring or judging the quality of that learning.

There are still nontrivial blocks to our learning; this group of lessons is going to attempt to lift them, even briefly, so that we might experience “the sense of liberation their lifting brings” (Wi181-200.2:3), which relief and rest is beyond language.

We are going to sample a sense of joy and freedom to which we are as yet (perhaps) unaccustomed, and this taste will inspire our practice. The total commitment to which we are being guided becomes desirable because we can now see the final effect of our study and practice.

It is worth repeating: all the lessons ever ask of us is a little willingness. We are going to pratice going beyond all our defenses for a little while – not permanently, not totally, not forever. Just for a little while. Not more than this is needed because our little willingness is the surety that more will come in time.

We cannot fail. So long as we persist, learning will occur, and we will experience their benefits.

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